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Listed below are several samples of some of the questions you might encounter when filling out one of our paid surveys.

sample question 1:

What is your current employment status?

This simple question can be answered in a matter of seconds without exposing any of your personal information. Some of the possible responses include a paid full-time employee who works 30 hours or more per week, a part-time paid employee, a self-employed worker, a temporary employee, unemployed and looking or unemployed and not searching for a job.

Other responses include a retiree, a homemaker, a student or none of the above.

This is just one type of question in our paid surveys: Simple and doesn't disclose any personal information.

sample question 2:

Do you own any of the following pets?

If you're an animal lover, this is an easy question for you. If you don't like pets, you can still fill out this question by checking off the box for "no."

As for pet-lovers, we don't pry into why you own a pet. Instead, we're merely curious about what animal you take care of. This type of information can help some of your favorite brands understand which animals are most preferred by consumers, which may allow them to create more unique products that adhere to your specific needs.

Sample question 3:

On average, how many minutes during a normal day do you watch TV?

This type of question comes as a fill-in-the-blank, not a bulleted list. By answering this type of question in our surveys, you can provide your favorite brands with insight into how they should market to you. If most people watch TV more than radio, for example, organizations can create more stimulating television commercials and focus less on marketing via radio.

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