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Why paid surveys are a safer bet than fantasy sports

Why paid surveys are a safer bet than fantasy sports

Even for non-sports fans, it's been increasingly difficult to ignore the seemingly endless parade of advertisements for online fantasy sports, and the promise of earning easy cash. Options for weekly and seasonal fantasy sports seem to be at an all-time high, while sites like Draftkings.com and Fanduel.com promise daily opportunities to earn money online. That being said, they may not be your safest bet when looking to make money at home online.

Fantasy sports have the obvious enticement of chance and competitiveness, and the added allure of a big pay-out, but as a way to earn easy cash, taking online surveys remains one of the top, most reliable options. 

Here are just a few reasons why taking online surveys is an easier and sounder way to earn money at home than gambling with fantasy sports.

It's simple and free
Taking online surveys is generally a very simple exercise that doesn't require too much time or mental heavy lifting. You can make money for answering very simple questions about your life, or even better, your opinions. Rarely if ever are paid online surveys going to overextend you mentally and because there is no competition, they come stress-free.

Fantasy sports, on the other hand, revolve around complex mathematics, costly speculation and come with the risk of making a foolish roster decision with money on the line. Paid surveys will only ever reward you for your time and input; online fantasy sports almost always cost money to play, without any guaranteed winnings. In many leagues, only the first-place participant actually wins money, and getting cash or prizes for answering a few questions is probably more gratifying than winning your fantasy league's consolation game.

Paid for service, not for luck
In fantasy sports, there is very little that you can actually control. You might have the latest scouting report and your own formula for beating the spread, but unless you're actually in the game, you have no control over injuries or any other unforeseen circumstances that might otherwise thwart your fantasy efforts.

With paid online surveys, there is no external risk, because the only thing on the line is your opinion. Businesses and brands want your input, and they're willing to compensate you for your honest feedback. Often these might be brands that you interact with often, so aside from an opportunity to make money at home online, you also have a chance to weigh in on products you love.

Earn extra cash quick
Fantasy sports leagues might take entire seasons to sort out a prize winner, and the majority of league members walk away with a net loss. Online survey takers pay no money to participate, and never need to wait weeks to receive their reward. No excruciating nail biters, only cold hard cash and prizes.

Playing online fantasy sports is wildly popular and fun and exciting for sports fans, but it undeniably comes with risk and the occasional headache. When it comes to making reliable money online, taking online surveys remains one of the safest bets around.

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