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Why Americans increasingly prefer to work from home

Why Americans increasingly prefer to work from home

A new online survey conducted by Bookmarks Hub has revealed that Americans relish the opportunity to telecommute or work from home, sometimes to the point of seeking self employment. Traditional office work comes with a number of different stressors, while working from home is full of perks and opportunity.

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Employees are rejecting the traditional office
Working from home is an increasingly popular trend, according to Bookmarks Hub. The online survey found that 52 percent of employees aged 18-24 are interested in working from home if given an opportunity. 

One of the reasons telecommuting is so popular is that some folks really dislike their job to begin with. According to the poll, 67 percent of respondents under the age of 50 stated they "loathe" their current job.

Although previous surveys have revealed the intricate stressors brought on by office life, Bookmarks Hub reported that 62 percent of employees believed their employers were unjust and 45 percent of employees age 18-62 quit their jobs as a result of stress. Unfair bosses or an abhorrent employment situation speak volumes to why folks around the country would enjoy telecommuting or working from home. 

Fifty percent of people who run a business out of their home are very happy and would not consider returning to a traditional office job. The number of Americans who are self-employed is on the rise, with 6.6 percent of adults working for themselves according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, perhaps because people are fed up with traditional office work.

As for employees unable or unwilling to take the leap to self-employment, new technology and connectivity is making working from home or telecommuting much more feasible.

Trending up
Global Workplace Analytics reported that telecommuting is growing at an unprecedented rate. For non-self-employed working adults, there has been a 103 percent increase since 2005 in the number of employees who regularly work from home.

As a whole, some 3.7 million employees - roughly 2.5 percent of the total workforce - reportedly work from home at least half of the time. Current trends would indicate that number will continue to climb in the coming years.

Between 2013 and 2014, the entire employee population in the U.S. grew by 1.8 percent. However the number of new telecommuting employees jumped 6.5 percent, implying employees and businesses are recognizing that working from home is a worthy offering. As it stands, 50 percent of the current workforce holds a job where partial telecommuting would be feasible, and over 20 percent of employees have had some opportunities to work from home. 

Global Workplace Analytics previously reported that telecommuting can increase productivity and lower expenses, and perhaps for that reason, the non-profit sector saw the biggest increase in the number of employees who work from home. 

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