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Which artists would you rather see at a music festival?

There are probably more than several dozen musical genres that exist in the world today. Thousands if not millions of artists represent these categories, from techno and hip hop to hard rock and folk. Now, imagine you've been assigned the task of assembling a music festival in a particular area showcasing 40 bands from across North America. A way to obtain knowledge of what people from a specific region want out of such an event is to gain statistical information fueled by surveys for money, which offer consumers a chance to earn some cash and voice their opinions. 

Dictating the outcome
Unfortunately, the majority of us aren't music producers responsible for making a multi-million dollar festival a reality. However, there's still a way people can indirectly dictate which artists perform at the event. If there were any chance that you could hand-pick a collection of particular groups to provide you with a weekend of non-stop fun and music, visiting a website offering consumers the chance to take surveys for money is a viable option. 

Sure, a person could write several letters to a record company in a vain attempt to get his or her favorite artist onto a bill, but there's a pretty good chance that a producer isn't looking for a pen pal. More likely than not, that carefully written letter that was edited, revised, thrown away and then picked out of the garbage can is most likely strewn off to the side on a major state highway. Why did this happen? Because those in charge of organizing the event don't care about the opinion of an individual, but the desires of the masses. 

It's all about unity 
The key is to become a part of the population. Although joining the flock is often viewed as unfavorable, there's nothing more powerful than a chorus of bleating sheep. It's something that just can't be ignored - one can't help but pay attention. Event planners actively seek out the voice of the public and taking a survey for money can influence which artists they choose to showcase. 

It's not as if people are sacrificing their integrity while partaking in these online opportunities. After all, they're being rewarded for their contributions. Being a rebel and nonconformist certainly has its benefits, but history has shown that collections of united individuals can shape nations, change legislature and (in this case) develop a list of performers for a music festival. 

In what world are you going to find an avenue through which someone can take a survey for money while putting his or her vote toward an acoustic pop punk band from Indianapolis or a math rap group from Milwaukee? Just by participating, your opinion is valued because those organizing the event have actively sought out the results of the study in order to answer a number of questions. What do people in Austin, Texas, listen to? Should the festival be in the late spring or early fall? These are other queries a person can  weigh in on by partaking in an online survey. 

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