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Where can I earn money: A few of the world's weirdest jobs

Where can I earn money: A few of the world's weirdest jobs

There are dozens of bizarre jobs in the world. Some of these occupations may pay pretty well. Moreover, it'd be unimaginable if some of the more "interesting" careers on this list didn't offer cushy salaries. 

Here are some strange jobs people work to earn money, pay their bills and even fund their schooling. You may want to focus on taking a few paid surveys instead of resorting to these careers, but we'll let you decide.

Become a dog food tester
That's right - there's someone in the world who gets paid to taste dog food. In fact, her name is Patricia Patterson and she works in the Sensory Analysis Center on the campus of Kansas State University, according to The Guardian. It's up to her to test for flavor and texture. She makes sure the food and treats don't create too many crumbs and will be palatable for your pup - comparing the kibble and other dog products to other more conventional foods such as cream cheese, frankfurters and nuts. 

Keeper of the Cup
The National Hockey League awards a priceless artifact to the league champions each year. The Stanley Cup is engraved with every champion's name. After being passed down over the course of decades, the trophy has become one of the most valuable items in sports. 

When the Stanley Cup isn't being hoisted above the heads of the world's greatest players after a championship game or being shown off in the Hockey Hall of Fame, it needs to be guarded by someone. That person is the professional Cup keeper. News Limited noted this person follows the Cup during all of its voyages, keeping a close eye on it and making sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands or get put in danger. It's like guarding the Mona Lisa, except the precious item is always on the move.

Promotional Jockey
You may be familiar with the smaller individuals paid to ride horses professionally in races. Well, these jockeys often have a promotional team much like how NFL football teams have mascots. The Telegraph interviewed a jockey promoter for her story. 

"I worked for a promotion company, and to promote the Grand National, we were given jockey outfits to wear," Alexandra Marr told the news source. "The outfit was far too small, jodhpurs up to my knees, and we had riding hats and crops, but at £10 per hour [about $16] and with hours outside of university, it was a fantastic deal!"

For those who don't want to taste dog food, babysit a cup or slide into an ill-fitting jockey uniform, you can focus on other more convenient and comfortable options. Every day, there are people who get paid for online surveys. This option allows individuals to answer questions and get paid to give their opinions. Best of all, people can fill out surveys right from the comfort of their homes.

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