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What kinds of products could you test if you take surveys for money?

What kinds of products could you test if you take surveys for money

There's nothing better than a few fringe benefits. When you take surveys for money, there are numerous added bonuses, including entries into the Opinion Outpost quarterly $10,000 prize draw and even items you could receive for free.

Why would you get products free of charge? Companies release new items throughout the year, but they need information about how popular those products will be among consumers before putting them on store shelves across the nation. Businesses need some reliable feedback, and that's where you come in!

While completing product surveys, you may be sent a new item to test. You can often keep the product afterward and the business will pay you to use it in and answer questions in the meantime. But what kinds of things will you be sent?

Household essentials
If you want to stop paying for household products like detergent, toothpaste, cleaners and more and start getting paid to use them, you're in luck. Companies often test these kinds of items every time they develop a new scent, flavor, color or the like. Don't be surprised if your shopping list gets a little shorter after you sign up for paid surveys. A business may distribute a product even if its container is being redesigned. There are dozens of opportunities to receive products that will make running a household a little more convenient.

Beauty products
The same goes for cosmetics. Think about how many different shampoos and conditioners there are - L'Oreal, Suave, Herbal Essences, Finesse and Head & Shoulder to name a few - and every brand has several types of products in different scents and varieties. All of those products were likely tested before reaching the market. Expand that list to skin care treatments, makeup products and all your other beauty essentials. There are a lot of things that need to be workshopped by consumers before being produced at greater scales for mass distribution. You can be one of the first people to try out your favorite brand's newest offering. 

Kitchen supplies
Don't draw a line at your vanity or the laundry room just yet. Food brands need their items tested, too. Do you want to enjoy an innovative coffee flavor in your morning brew? What about a seasoning that will spice up your normal dinner dish? Snack lovers listen up, you could get the chance to savor it all while putting some cash into your wallet and there aren't many things better than that.

Toys and devices
Getting sent electronics and other fun-to-use items isn't out of the question either. Companies have an incentive to test out these types of goods with as many consumers as possible before investing in mass production. However, it may require a little extra effort on your part. Product surveys may last for a few weeks, and you'll be asked to give in-depth feedback throughout the process. Of course, you may also expect to be paid higher for the extra effort.

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