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Use online paid surveys to make money fast during a job search

Searching for a job can take a lot of time. In fact, most underestimate just how long they could be waiting for that new position.

Marc Miller, the author of "Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers" and a writer for the professional networking site LinkedIn, tells his clients to plan for a job search that lasts anywhere from six months to two years. Ideally, job searchers should look for new positions 18 months after starting a new job and plan to search for another 18 months after that. 

However, Miller noted that the length of the job hunt is dependent on a variety of factors, including your networking skills and technical expertise, as well as the time of the year, the amount of demand for new workers in your industry and more. You may very well be searching for months on end, which can spell trouble for those who aren't already employed.

However, even after finding a lead and nailing an interview, you'll still be waiting a fair amount of time before starting the job. 

A lengthy interview process
That's because interviews no longer consist of one face-to-face meeting between candidates and hiring managers. According to the 2015 Candidate Behavior Study sponsored by CareerBuilder, the average employer conducts three phone interviews and three in-person interviews before finally hiring a new candidate. And those meetings don't ordinarily occur back-to-back, which means a great first interview could still result in weeks of waiting.

Lots of applications, few responses
The biggest hurdle may be getting a chance to interview in the first place, though. The feeling most job seekers have today is that employers generally don't respond to submitted applications. CareerBuilder noted that only two out of every nine applications result in an interview, and 40 percent of those applications won't receive any response from a hiring agent at all.

Generally, that means job seekers have to send out far more applications to actually get an offer. Job hunting has turned from a sprint into a long marathon, and many applicants have to be ready to send perhaps dozens of applications to different organizations to ensure they'll be employed.

Use paid online surveys to get through the wait
For a number of people seeking work, the biggest trouble with searching is providing for yourself at the same time. Many people don't have the resources to sustain themselves for six months or longer without a steady stream of income. When that happens, many spring for part-time jobs that use a less intensive interview process and pay less to tide them over. 

What some forget is there are great opportunities to make money online, too. Paid online surveys are just one way to supplement income and make a lengthy job search more comfortable. Not only do online surveys allow you to work on your own time, they also don't require a commute. You can make money from home easily, without an interview process that will leave you hanging for weeks on end. It's the perfect way to make money quickly while applying to other full-time positions.

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