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Unforgettable Style Icons from Every Decade

When you're strapped for cash, fashion tends to be one of the first things that falls by the wayside. When you've got mouths to feed and bills to pay, who has the time to check their reflection? When you earn extra money online by taking paid surveys on Opinion Outpost, this all stands to change - it's amazing what having a little extra cash in your pocket can do for your confidence and free time. Need a little inspiration? Here are our favorite style icons from the past 50 years, by decade.

1960s: Audrey Hepburn
Elle, TIME and Vogue all agree - there's no contesting that Audrey Hepburn defined her era in fashion, whether it was with a jeweled tiara in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or a sleek, black jumpsuit. Though primarily known for her work on the silver screen and later as a philanthropist, Hepburn was a muse for many and inspired the looks churned out by major houses like Givenchy - even today, celebs like Kim Kardashian still try to emulate her classy yet edgy look.

1970s: Farrah Fawcett
One of television's original bombshells, Fawcett brought fantasy to the screen and in her everyday life. From her big, feathered haircut to the iconic outfits like her comfortable but sexy Charlie's Angels getup and the famous one-piece bathing suit that graced every college dorm room in America, there's no question that she defined an era in fashion.

1980s: Princess Diana
Though the famed royal came close to a tie with the fabulous Madonna, there's no denying that Princess Di's style was one of the main paparazzi focuses of the era before her marriage would fall apart in the early 90s - though, let's admit it, she looked fabulous then, too. Diana was known for her daring looks that shook up the old monarchy, including off the shoulder dresses, sneakily short hemlines and, of course, her gorgeous, admittedly enormous wedding dress.

1990s: The Spice Girls
There's no denying that the 1990s was the age of the girl group, and the Spice Girls dominated the style scene with sequins, leotards, Spanx and the ever-present Tommy Hilfiger brand. Good luck using your cash from paid online surveys to find pieces as distinct as these ladies wore!

2000s: Lady Gaga
She was only present in pop culture for the tail end of the decade, but Gaga immediately stole the hearts of fashion editors and shocked the world by building a successful career on the solid foundation of scandalous, forward-thinking fashion. Her own brand, Haus of Gaga, influence from Warhol and the fragmented world around her are captured in her head-turning looks.

Today: Michelle Obama
The first lady sets a positive example in every respect - she's incredibly intelligent, is changing the country's attitudes toward exercise and obesity and knows how to wear a contemporary style with class and grace. She's mastered the art of using color in a compelling and interesting way, and certainly isn't afraid of going sleeveless with her famously toned arms.

So what are you waiting for? Start making money online today and emulate the stars and styles you admire with cash made from paid surveys.

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