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The weekly rundown

Times have been busy and tough for the average household, leaving little time to actually keep up with the major events that have been taking place or check in with loved ones who are far away. However, many individuals have started to take paid online surveys in an effort to balance their budgets, as these can be conducted at any time and from any location with wireless Internet, all the while putting a little extra width in your wallet. 

These types of programs can also come with other benefits, such as free contests that offer the opportunity to win a larger sum of money. The questions is - how do people feel about these contests?

Spread the wealth
In a recent poll, 1,549 individuals were asked their opinions of the $10,000 prize draw that Opinion Outpost holds on a quarterly basis for all of its members. As a note, members are entered each time they take a survey, meaning that their chances go up the more frequently they participate. 

According to the poll, roughly 81 percent of the voters would prefer if, instead of only one individual winning the entirety of the prize, the company split it up into smaller endowments so more individuals can enjoy the extra cash. The remaining 19 percent thought the whole enchilada was the only way to go. 

Are you surprised by this answer? It does make sense that having a greater chance of winning a smaller cash prize would be more preferable to only one individual taking home a massive swath of money. 

Speaking of lots of money and competition for one major prize, the National Football League is stepping back into the spotlight as fall begins to emerge. 

A bit too much?
Check this out: One professional footballer decided to boldly go where few have gone before, getting a tattoo on his face as motivation rather than art. He stated that he did this because he wanted to assure himself that he would never have a real job. In a mini-poll, users' reactions were not all that surprising. 

Of the 1,072 respondents, 86 percent stated that it was absurd for the player to do this, while 14 percent said it was admirable. 

In a strange way, those 14 percent are probably not that crazy, as making sacrifices is the most important step toward ultimate victory. 

Enjoy the weekend and make smart life choices. 

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