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The top 5 most cringe-worthy moments from 'American Idol'

One of America's most iconic television shows is leaving for good, and it's taking a wave of warm memories with it - and a few not so pleasant ones.

After 15 seasons, Fox is pulling the plug on "American Idol," but not many viewers are sad to see what was once one of TV's biggest reality shows go. According to an Opinion Outpost poll, just 28 percent of respondents said they'd miss it.

Still, entertainment news organizations are tenderly recounting some of the program's greatest contributions. Every source from Star Magazine to RyanSeacrest.com has put together a top 10 list of former contestants.

Kellie Pickler, Adam Lambert, Jordin Sparks and Phillip Phillips are scattered in the high spots. Jennifer Hudson is awarded an everlasting position at No. 3, and you may as well flip a coin to guess whether Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood take the No. 1 spot.

You don't need to read about who the best "American Idol" performers are. Their names are slapped on billboards and concert headlines across the country. Everyone will remember those celebrities, they're not affected by "American Idol" biting the dust.

What viewers should really miss are those cringe-worthy moments the show provided in the early parts of each season. Those quickly forgotten contestants that brought so much second-hand embarrassment to "Idol" fans will never be seen again, and other awkward wannabe stars may never get the same opportunity to commit social suicide via a TV audience.

Luckily, you still have this compiled list of the most embarrassing Idol tryouts from the past 14 seasons. Enjoy!

5. William Hung
How could one forget the jerky gyrating hips and soothing monotone cacophony of University of California Berkley's most famous civil engineer student? William Hung's performance was the most famous cringe moment from season two. It was so memorable that he spun the musical dive bomb into a six-year music career, according to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution. 

4. Trista Giese
Giese took a gamble on an impersonation of the cowardly lion from "The Wizard of Oz." Unfortunately, it didn't pan out well.

3. General Larry Platt
What is "American Idol" all about? Is it a launching pad for formerly unknown yet incredibly talented stars like Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken, or is it a place to unveil creative original ballads? Watch Larry Platt's rendition of "Pants on the Ground" and decide for yourself.

2. Derek Stillings
Before Hung was even on the map, there was Derek Stillings - a lanky pop star hopeful in a sleeveless shirt and backward visor. Eat your heart out, Chris Kirkpatrick. Unfortunately, his dance moves and rhythmic talking didn't impress any judges in the first season of "Idol."

1. Mary Roach
A singer so unique she would get her own Saturday Night Live parody, Mary Roach had a lot of personality - maybe even multiple personalities. Her time singing was nothing short of unsettling for the judges. Besides maybe Mark McGrath, who Roach called "a hottie." Roach was an absolute legend.

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