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The remake era: Cringe, or celebrate?

As the old saying goes, "it has all been done before," and anyone who has been around for the past few decades can likely attest to the relative sense of repetition that has struck the television and filmmaking industries. Especially when you are taking paid online surveys to make a little extra cash on the side and get to all of those new movies hitting the silver screen, you might quickly begin to realize just how mundane this repetition can become. 

This is not to say that some of the remakes of classic television shows and films were not great on their own, but the frequency with which the same movie is being remade over only a short time period is getting ridiculous. For example, look at the character Hercules, who has been reprised over and over again for decades, with two major feature films hitting the theaters within only a year of one another. In the television realm, classic series "Dallas" was rebooted by TNT a couple of years ago. 

What do you think?
While many might believe that the average television viewer or moviegoer would be highly taken aback by frequent remakes of classic movies, this does not actually seem to be the case. According to a recent mini-poll of 2,158 online survey takers, 45 percent stated that they were in fact happier when television shows or movies continued on for longer periods of time, representing roughly 980 respondents. 

This sentiment is not consistent across the board, but that figure, which is close to half of all who participated, is nothing to shake a fist at. With respect to people who have aversions to remakes and reboots, nearly one quarter - or 509 voters - stated that they are actually more sad that a film or television show is not going to be a classic anymore, as bringing it into the modern era might result in it losing a bit of its luster. 

Finally, 31 percent of the voters were unsure, with 669 respondents not having a set preference on way or another about these matters. This group, in a subjective sense, might actually be the most spot on, especially as the skill and aptitude of those involved in the making of the reboot will really dictate its overall quality.

Think about the "True Grit" reboot with the Cohen Brothers at the helm. The duo certainly made the movie their own and still kept many of its themes and undertones. On the other hand, you have the remake of "The Italian Job," which just might have quashed the otherwise lasting appeal of the original classic. 

Ultimately, the question surrounding the validity of the remake era all comes down to what you believe is the right answer, and whether you would even give remakes a shot in the future. If you were making extra cash on the side by taking online surveys in your leisure time, would you get to the movies for a cheesy, but potential-filled remake?

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