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The Best Household Pets You've Never Considered

Everyone can remember what is felt like to be a kid - once you see your first puppy or kitten, you can't help but want one of your own. Unfortunately, these tiny bundles of joy can be very expensive for parents, and are sometimes just as pricey to keep healthy and safe as the children who want them. Never fear, nagged parents! You can earn money online with paid surveys on Opinion Outpost to make extra cash to keep up with the expenses of your new little buddy to keep the kids and your wallet happy. Here are some of our favorite unconventional housepets - they could be yours when you make money at home online today!

Potbellied pigs
It may sound crazy, but pigs are household pets around the world, and rarely grow larger or more demanding than your average mid-sized dog. Interestingly enough, the trend of owning a small pig in the home first grew in popularity in the 2000s when famed tabloid star and heiress Paris Hilton kept one in her luxurious home, and the specifically breeded animal took off as one of the more popular unconventional housepets. Well-behaved and subsiding on a diet of meat and other human food, teacup pigs generally stay between 50 and 60 pounds throughout their lifetime.

Pygmy hedgehogs
Often kept in a small cage or enclosure, pygmy hedgehogs are an excellent option for families who live in apartments that may not allows cats or dogs. Because they are low-maintenance without sacrificing the adorable fuzziness pet owners long for, this African species should be given as much free reign as possible, being natural wanderers in the wild. An excellent companion for a jumpy child who can't sit still, pygmy hedgehogs can subsist on a variety of foods from insects and mealworms to fruits, veggies and even high-quality cat food.

Sugar gliders
You may need to go down under to the heart of Australia to retrieve one, but sugar gliders are surely one of the sweetest, wide-eyed creatures you'll ever fall in love with. A marsupial like their relative the kangaroo, sugar gliders begin life living in their mother's pouch and feed on nectar and eucalyptus sap, primarily. The "gliding" part of their name comes from the excess skin between their hands and toes, which allows them to jump from tree to tree with impressive aerodynamic flair when living in the wild. If you're having any doubts, just look into this little critter's eyes for more than a moment and you won't have any choice but to take him or her home.

Whether you're sick of seeing cats and dogs clogging up your news feed or merely long for something a little different, it's simple and fun to make money online from home to fund a new family friend. In the meantime, gather the kids around and start thinking of a way to make an impression on the neighborhood with the extra cash earned from paid surveys.

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