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Take surveys for money while making your voice heard

It's not uncommon for politicians and legislators to reference statistics when considering developing a new policy. After all, lawmakers do represent the interests of constituents, which obligates them to actively seek the voice of the public. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they have the time or resources available to conduct such lengthy studies. Therefore, many of these organizations rely on companies offering paid surveys online to provide them with information. What other avenue exists through which citizens can obtain money by indirectly telling the government what they want?

Changing protocol and policy
According to BostInno, Marty Walsh, the mayor of Boston, recently announced that his office will consult an online survey to determine what qualities Bostonians feel are most important for a new public school superintendent to possess. The official is currently looking for a new figure to lead the city's educational district, but is concerned about what residents feel is necessary in order to improve the academic system. The mayor's office informed Boston denizens that they will be able to participate in the study until April 6.

"We are taking an active role in the future of the youth of Boston," said Walsh, as quoted by the news source. "This online survey helps to make this process a transparent one, in which the voice of the people will be heard and valued."

Many public organizations find that issuing surveys for money is a good way to foster fresh insight. As for those who are participating in such initiatives, they recognize that their contributions are valued in a monetary and intellectual sense. Why write a letter to a seemingly apathetic state congressman when you can spend less than half an hour expressing your needs as a constituent?

Transforming the business community
Enterprises also rely on paid survey sites to provide them with information regarding the marketplace. As corporations tend to market their brands to the public, executives are always trying to get an accurate view on what it is that consumers want. The Information Age has enlightened many people to the issues posed by organizations operating in the private sector. For example, if a company's questionable environmental practices are exposed, this could tarnish its reputation and may even put it out of business.

In the United States, it's difficult for executives to determine what customers actually want. The desires of a demographic located in the Midwest may be completely different to those of people residing in the Northeast or Southwest. Therefore, many companies seek out surveys focusing on particular groups of individuals. This tactic in turn provides citizens with the ability to shape the product development, best practices or marketing campaign of an entire organization.

At the end of the day, there's a two-sided value in taking surveys for cash. On one hand, it's easy to make a quick buck that could be put toward a rudimentary, yet pesky expense. On the other, a person can contribute to the betterment of his or her community. It's not often that such a two-sided opportunity presents itself. 

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