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Take paid surveys to pamper your dog or cat

Most folks view a pet dog or cat as part of the family, and will go to great lengths to take care of their furry friends. These animals offer unconditional love, endless cuddling and a faithful, loyal companion. 

According to Zoom Room, pet owners love to celebrate their dogs and cats. In a survey of 1,000 individuals, 63 percent reported celebrating a family pet's birthday, and 100 percent bought their dog or cat a present around the December holidays. A whopping 44 percent reported buying their pet a souvenir while on vacation.

For pet owners looking to pamper a dog or cat, taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost is a great way to make money from home online and pay for some goodies during your next trip to the pet store. Here are just a few ideas:

Birthday parties
Though some people may be dumbfounded by the idea, Zoom Room found that many pet owners do in fact throw a birthday party for a family dog or cat. Even if you feel as if this could be over the top, it can be a fun and unique excuse to have a few friends over for a barbecue or other casual get-together.

Have your friends and family sing a round of happy birthday for the guest of honor, snap a few photos and enjoy a bit of cake in his name.

A new toy
Even if you're not marking any sort of milestone for your dog or cat, spending your earnings on a new toy is a great way to show your special friend some appreciation. Nowadays there are all sorts of ways to make sure your pet is having a good time, and many owners may even try and let their dog or cat pick out a toy for themselves.

Beyond a rubber hot dog or yarn ball, you may also consider picking up a new bed, scratching post or any other item that will make your pet happy. Head to the local pet store or check out what's available online.

Making the home more pet-friendly
It may be possible your dog or cat is already swimming in toys and other goodies. In that instance, you may decide to use your earnings to spruce up your home or yard and make it more pet-friendly. Consider installing a dog house, new cat habitat or even a doggie door. This will give your pet more options for having a good time.

Other pets
The American Veterinary Medical Foundation reported that beyond dogs and cats, there are millions of other pets in the U.S., from birds and reptiles to hamsters and chinchillas. Though these creatures may not have the allure of a larger, more traditional pet, these animals deserve just as much love.

There are toys or enrichment items that will make things more comfortable and engaging for your smaller pet. Birds love mirrors and other items they can interact with, while a pet reptile may benefit from a new heat lamp or live insects to chase around.

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