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Take paid surveys to maximize your online dating efforts

Take paid surveys to maximize your online dating efforts

Online dating is increasingly popular, but with so many sites and apps available, it can be hard to stand out. For that reason, many of the most popular platforms are free to join but then offer users extra features for a fee. Some sites may restrict the number of messages you can send in a day, while others may give premium users extra tools for finding a new boo.

For anyone worried about paying for all of these extras, taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost is a great way to make money from home online. While you wait for new messages and matches, fill out a few surveys and cover the costs of a premium online dating account.

Fully embraced
Nowadays, an online dating or casual encounter profile is incredibly common. The Pew Research Center found that just 10 years ago most Americans were unsure of meeting a significant other over the Internet. Now nearly 60 percent of people believe it is a good way to meet someone, and most Americans can cite a success story or two. 

Pew also found that online dating is popular among young people as well as older adults. While millennials may be looking for love in an adopted college town or a less serious relationship while at home on break, adults are also getting in on the action and using online dating services much more often than they did just a few years ago.

Many options
Pew found that mobile apps are paving the way to a greater appreciation for online dating. Nearly a quarter of young people polled have at least one of these platforms installed on  their smartphones or tablets. Because many dating services pair users with other people that live or work close by, being able to log on while on the go gives people a more accurate pool of matches.

In fact, Dating Site Review found that 94 percent of people using an online dating app expect a response in the form of a message within 24 hours. For that reason, being able to access an online profile and message back is an important part of the dating game.

There are also a great number of services to chose from, independent of when and where you are able to log on. There are platforms specifically geared toward long-term relationships, while others are made for finding a casual hook-up. Some apps allow users to fill out long profiles and message freely, while others are more about looks and exchanging numbers. Again, by paying a premium, most online dating platforms will offer more options when it comes to finding or contacting possible new matches.

There are even dating sites very specific identities. Some attract users of a specific community or religion, while others are specific to an occupation or hobby. Either way, it appears as if the Internet is enabling loving in all different forms. Instead of asking whether or not to put yourself out there, the question now is where to begin!

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