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Take paid surveys to get Rihanna's latest album

Take paid surveys to get Rihanna's latest album

Rihanna recently completed her 8th studio album, which was downloaded online 1 million times in just 14 hours following a well-placed tweet from the international pop star. Rihanna had previously partnered with Samsung and Tidal, a new online streaming music service. 

"Leaked" album
The Daily Mail reported that IT staffers at Tidal accidently released "ANTI" ahead of its expected release date, though there is speculation that this was a calculated decision intended to drum up excitement. The album, her first since 2012, was actually due to be released back in November, but Rihanna wanted more time to test certain songs.

Regardless, the 27-year-old Rihanna ran with it. She posted a photo online to her fans - which she affectionately calls the Navy - with the caption, "A gift to my navy! #ANTI is available right now!!!" Rihanna followed this up with a tweet that contained a promo code for a free download. Within hours, the album had been downloaded over 1 million times via Samsung and Tidal. 

Unfortunately for anyone who missed out, "ANTI" can no longer be downloaded for free, though it is still available for streaming through Tidal. The deluxe version is also available on iTunes, which includes three bonus songs, according to the Daily Mail, and the album is already number one on iTunes' internal charts. In the coming weeks, "ANTI" will have to contend with Adele's "25" and Justin Bieber's "Purpose" to stay atop the charts.

The release came just days after Rihanna dropped "Work." The singer promoted the song on her social media accounts ahead of its release. The Daily Mail reported that the track, which features Drake, has already hit number one on 70 international charts. 

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So what is Tidal?
Tidal was originally developed by a Scandinavian company called Aspiro before being bought by Jay Z's Project Panther Ltd. in March of 2015, according to The New York Times. Tidal is said to be different from other music platforms because it pays the highest percentage of royalties to the artists.

Tidal saw a lackluster launch despite famous shareholders like Madonna, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Alicia Keys and most notably, Jay Z. According to Billboard, Tidal is run alongside Jay Z's record label, Roc Nation. Ne-Yo, another famous artist associated with Tidal, stated that Jay Z is the perfect proprietor of such a project:

"Jay Z knows what it is from all three sides of the game: He's a writer, he's an artist, and he's also an executive. He knows the struggles; he's fought them himself."

A year following its mediocre debut, Tidal has become more established, and Rihanna's recent success only highlights that point. 

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