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Survey Sites that pay by check, and why you should reconsider

When you're looking for paid online surveys, the first thing you may want to check out is how you'll receive payment for your time and work. Naturally, some survey-takers are looking for the most flexible reward there is - cash. And with that desire, the average person may be more hesitant to accept an antiquated form of payment, such as a check, in the mail.

While you may be used to getting paid by check at your place of work, or you may carry your checkbook to pay for groceries, rent or the like, waiting around for a check in the mail can be time consuming, and even a little risky. 

Here are a few reasons why you don't have to rely on this form of payment and why you may choose to avoid it altogether.

Not every piece of mail is protected
According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, it's nearly impossible to ensure that every piece of mail delivered to over 100 million addresses is completely secure. At any time, there's a possibility your check could be stolen or your mail compromised.

PayPal is an industry leader in safe payments
On the other hand, there are relatively new technologies that make getting paid through email safe and effective. PayPal is one of those services. According to the organization, PayPal ensures both distributors and receivers of funds are protected in several different ways.

For one, PayPal does not require you to share financial details with a service. You don't have to divulge your credit card number or account information to use it.

Moreover, PayPal is a leader in stopping fraudulent transactions before they happen. The company uses cutting-edge antifraud technology and maintains a staff of professionals that monitor transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

And when you want to use those funds, PayPal makes sure it's you doing the shopping and not some crook on the Web. The site claims that it protects buyers 100 percent against unauthorized payments, and covers eBay items that are covered with buyer's protection up to $2,000.

How long will you wait for a check?
When you want to make money online today, the easiest way to slow down the payment process is to get the postal service involved. It could take more than a week to receive a check in the mail depending on where you live. Once you have your check in hand, you'll still need to cash it, which will take a trip to the bank if you don't use a wireless checking service.

PayPal is as fast as email
On the other side of the spectrum, getting paid through PayPal can be near-instantaneous because it relies on email only. You're sent a message every time you get paid, and you can immediately start using that money to purchase things online wherever PayPal is accepted, or you can even have the funds transferred to a bank account.

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