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Should you worry about identity theft while taking surveys for money on Opinion Outpost?

Should you worry about identity theft while taking surveys for money on Opinion Outpost?

Some people are skeptical about participating in online activities that require personal information. Any service that asks you to share bank account info, your Social Security number or your address should be highly scrutinized and avoided 99 percent of the time. The Internet is a strange place, and you can never be too careful.

Luckily, Opinion Outpost doesn't ask for any of that sensitive material. If you sign up, you'll be asked to provide your name, email address, gender and other vague details. You'll never have to provide information about a bank or credit card. All the information asked of you serves a purpose for marketing research.

Why ask for gender, age and other qualities?
Companies want to know what consumers think of their products. More than that, they want to know what kinds of consumers hold positive or negative opinions about their products.

Here's an example. Consider a company making a commercial for a toy for babies. What audience would the company want to get feedback from? The baby uses the product, but it's likely the parent that will buy it. Therefore, the business would likely benefit the most by receiving opinions from older men and women - people who are more likely to have children in the first place. If you're a single college student, the company probably won't benefit as much from your responses.

That's why Opinion Outpost needs a few details that will help companies segment their audiences and distribute surveys to the right people. Otherwise, you could receive questionnaires that just don't apply to you. In that way, giving a few nondescript details is a win-win for you and participating businesses. They receive answers from categories of people that they want to target, and you don't have to spend your time answering questions you hold no strong opinions about.

How do you get rewards?
If you're thinking ahead, you've probably started wondering how you would get paid from taking online surveys if you don't link your bank info to the service. That part is actually pretty simple.

First and foremost, Opinion Outpost will not ask for your bank account info even after you've answered enough surveys to cash out. That's because the information is unnecessary. Instead, you'll make an account on the website where you'll earn points for the surveys you answer. Then, you can turn those points into rewards like Amazon.com Gift Card* claim codes or cash from PayPal. Both entities are mega corporations with hugely comprehensive security protocols in place, not that you necessarily are putting anything at risk anyway. 

You can create a PayPal account that is unlinked to any of your other banking accounts. PayPal is widely accepted as a form of payment in stores and online marketplaces, so transferring those funds isn't often isn't necessary.

On the other hand, redeeming your points for Amazon claim codes will simply give you a number that can be used in place of a gift card on the online marketplace. It's simple, quick and you can start enjoying those rewards without worrying about compromising any of your data. 

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