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Pay for holiday travel needs by taking paid surveys

According to the Los Angeles Times, this year, 25.3 million Americans will travel during the Thanksgiving holidays. As most frequent fliers know, modern air travel is a stressful experience. Large crowds, like the ones you find hugging the ticketing counter at most airports a few days prior to turkey time, only worsen the process.

You must prepare yourself and that means stocking up on travel essentials. Of course, the prospect of fitting these items into your already expanding budget might seem terrifying. Opinion Outpost can help. Just take a few paid surveys and you will be one step closer to conquering those inevitable holiday headaches. But before you blow your cash at Hudson News, check out our list travel essentials.

Sail through security
Security is a major sticking point for most air travelers. And it can be especially confounding during the holiday season when travelers show up to the airport with armfuls of extra items. First, consider joining the Transportation Security Administration's pre-check program, an airport security initiative that facilitates expedited screening for passengers who undergo a one-time, in-depth security check. According to the TSA, the application fee is $85. Secondly, If you plan to carry on gifts, leave them unwrapped. Also, stow more gelatinous holiday goodies in your checked baggage - TSA agents will not hesitate to trash that jar of grandma's favorite jam, no matter how delicious it may be.

Cut through the clamor
Flying is noisy business. Noise levels within your average passenger plane hover between 85 and 105 decibels, reported the BBC. Prolonged exposure to these levels of loudness can cause hearing issues. And since you're traveling during the holidays, sobbing children and talkative first-time fliers will most likely add to this already thundering blanket of noise. Get a set of noise-canceling headphones and replace the airborne commotion with a rapturous symphony or, possibly, some sick beats. Most models reduce external noise levels by 80 decibels, reported Mental Floss.

Keep the information flowing
Last November flights were, on average, eight minutes late, reported FiveThirtyEight. So be prepared for delays and other complications. Technology is, of course, the key to weathering these stumbling blocks. Follow your airline on Twitter. Often times, flight providers will post travel updates via the social media platform. And download a reliable weather app. Keeping on top of weather conditions is key, as timely forecast information can enable you to predict problems. 

Spurn cabin germs
Most travelers worry that the re circulated air filling in-flight plane cabins is brimming with dangerous microbes. According to i09, that just isn't true. Surfaces are the real enemy. Hand washing is the most effective defense against aircraft germs, reported The New York Times. Additionally, don't spend money on pre-flight, immune-boosting supplements like Airborne. They simply don't work, reported Forbes. Finally, skip the airline pillow - they're often recycled. Instead, invest in a memory foam neck pillow with a zippered carrying case, the perfect combination of comfort and cleanliness.



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