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Paid online surveys: They've been around for longer than you think

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Some people don't know about the long, trusted history of paid online surveys. It seems too good to be true. How can you sign up online and just start making money and earning rewards for giving your opinion?

The truth is, that really is all there is to it. Businesses are willing to pay huge sums of money to collect feedback from large pools of consumers - they've been doing it for years. In fact, as soon as email was invented, it became a viable option for distributing surveys to people. Soon, companies across the world were sending surveys electronically and paying to do it. After all, it was far better than sending the same questionnaires by snail mail. 

Paid surveys have been around for years - far longer than those apps you use or even your Facebook profile.

Check out the facts
You can get a glimpse at the early stages of online surveys if you go back a few years. Think back to the time you created your first personal email. Nearly every person in the country has an email address today. They're a necessity for networking, using a smartphone or working as a student. 

When online surveys were in their infancy, that wasn't the case. In fact, Entrepreneur reported in 2002 that one of the main drawbacks for businesses using paid surveys was merely the fact that not many people had an email address.

"A word of caution: Using email for surveys limits your population to those with e-mail access (currently about 40 percent)," the article read.

Still, businesses far and wide began using them for the valuable benefits they offered.

Faster, cheaper and more convenient
Back in the day, those businesses may have used snail mail surveys or phone calls to gather information. The phone calls were largely considered an inconvenience to respondents, and they were very expensive to distribute, typically costing companies around $40 per interview in 2002, according to Entrepreneur.

Mail, on the other hand, cost a slightly cheaper amount, but the responses were gathered much slower. 

Then, there was the email option. Fewer people had email, but the costs for distribution were so low that it became popular for companies rather quickly.

Better for business, better for you
Soon, news organizations were reporting about the lucrative and easy-to-use benefits of online surveys.

"If you have a computer and like giving your opinion, you might want to try doing online surveys from home to make a little extra cash while trying new products," an ABC article from 2006 said.

Taking surveys for money online is no new phenomena. It's been around a long time, and if you consider how much longer mail and phone surveys were around before, shows how credible this kind of market research is. It businesses like Opinion Outpost, it's safe, reliable and an easy option for making a little extra money. It has been for years.

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