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Opinion Outpost Shows You Hot Summer Craft Projects

Summer is a terrific time to kick back, hang out with the kids and maybe even pick up a new skill or two. Of course, with children home for the summer, the cost of living tends to rise - no school means that there's going to be an increased desire for activities and interests that can get quite expensive. Fortunately, the whole family can benefit when members fill out surveys for money on their own time from the comfort of their homes, and this can make the difference between stressful debt and breaking even.

When parents take paid surveys to save themselves from the dreaded second job that everyone in this economy fears, a whole new wealth of time is found that can be spent with friends and family and acquiring new hobbies to beat the malevolent heat. For those of you who earn extra money online and are hoping to dress up your homes for the season, here are a few fabulous crafting ideas that will keep your mind sharp and your living space beautiful!

Egg carton boat
Families can recycle a simple egg carton to have a good time with the kids and fashion an adorable household decoration. To begin, all that is needed is the carton, a stick, some ribbon, glue, a piece of paper to use as a "sail" and as many markers and as much paint as you like.

While the kids are designing their sails to perfection, parents can fasten the stick in the center of the carton as a makeshift mast. The ribbon can then be used to secure the mast by tying it around the bottom of the carton, then attach the beautiful sail and voilà! The whole family can marvel at this quick and simple creation.

Glow stick bowling
Not surprisingly, one of the hottest hubs for finding summer crafting ideas is the notorious Pinterest - on one of its crafting boards, a user suggested a brilliant idea for an all-ages activity after the sun sets. Glow stick bowling, anyone?

All you need to get this terrific activity for the firefly hour together is 10 two-liter bottles - perhaps the soda bottle you emptied during the day's barbeque - a makeshift bowling ball and a whole bunch of glow sticks. The entire project can be assembled for less than $20! When the teams are assembled and everyone is ready to play, crack the glow sticks and shake them until they shine. Once complete, put a two to three of the sticks in each bottle and be sure to seal the caps - if played correctly, they'll be moving quite a bit.

Once the "pins" are assembled, set up the traditional ten-pin structure just like at a classic bowling alley, and ensure that players have enough space to roll the bowling ball (a kickball or baseball would do fine), making a clear driveway the perfect lane. Draw up a score card to keep track, and have at it! 

It's incredible how much fun the whole family can have when you get paid for online surveys - use your time wisely and start taking paid surveys on Opinion Outpost today!

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