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Online survey highlights surprising agreement between Democrats and Republicans

Online survey highlights surprising agreement between Democrats and Republicans

It is often said that American politics are increasingly at odds ideologically. According to a report by the Pew Research Center from June 2014, the partisan divide is more pronounced now than it has been in the past two decades, and what it means to be a Democrat versus a Republican has shifted as well. 

However, in a more recent online survey conducted by Pew, Democrats and Republicans reported strikingly similar expectations for what the government should be responsible for. In a poll of 6,000 adult Americans, it was revealed that despite growing party allegiance, Americans' political views may not be so different. 

Common ground
Pew reported there are several areas where Americans from both political parties would give the government a good grade. The survey found that roughly three-quarters of respondents believe the government has done a good job protecting the country from terrorism. Roughly the same number of people also stated that the government does a good job regulating food and drugs, as well as responding to natural disasters.

Not only did a large majority approve of the government's handling of terrorism, food safety and natural disasters, but Republicans and Democrats stated it was the responsibility of the government to do so.

While Republicans and democrats are said to disagree on the size and role of the government, Pew's survey revealed that many Americans hold similar sentiments on the its responsibilities regardless of party preference. Along with fighting terrorism, responding to natural disasters, and regulating food and drugs, Republicans and Democrats both believe the government should be responsible for managing immigration and infrastructure, according to the poll.

Other other issues included more disparity between the two parties, except for one interesting area of Pew's report. Both Republicans and Democrats had very similar responses to whether or not the government should play a major role in advancing space exploration, with about 50 percent of conservatives and liberals responding in favor of government responsibility in studying outer space.  Healthcare, meanwhile, was the most contentious area in the online survey.

Public mistrust
One of the things all Americans agreed on independent of political affiliation is that the government has not been doing a very good job to earn the public's trust. Only 19 percent of respondents to the online survey stated that they can trust the government always or most of the time, and just 20 percent of respondents said they would describe government programs as being well-run.

Pew reported that government mistrust is at its lowest level in nearly fifty years. Elect Project reported that during the General Election in 2014, just 36.6 percent of eligible voters turned out to cast a ballot, but that didn't stop participants in Pew's online survey to voice disappointment in their elected officials either.

Pew found that 55 percent of people believe ordinary Americans would do a better job at addressing issues facing the country than the current crop of civil servants. A whopping 74 percent of respondents stated that they believe most elected officials place self-interests ahead of issues facing the public.

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