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New consumer survey provides insight for online shopping habits

New consumer survey provides insight for online shopping habits

Consumer polls and paid online surveys can provide important information for businesses trying to better understand their customers. A recent survey combining 1,020 online respondents and real data from Loop Commerce's network of shopping websites has revealed interesting trends among consumers buying gifts over the Internet. It found that the convenience of shopping online couldn't over-shadow certain logistical fears.

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Reported concerns despite record sales
In the poll, 24 percent of respondents cited concerns over the hassle of returning gifts purchased over the Internet. This finding makes perfect sense, as another 25 percent of consumers said they worried about purchasing the wrong size when shopping for gifts online. Regardless, the Web remains a top choice for consumers even with reported fears over potential mess-ups or return issues.

According to Adobe's Digital Index shopping data, 2014 saw $2.65 billion in sales on Cyber Monday alone, a 16 percent increase from 2013. This would seem to indicate that any reservations over issues related to buying gifts online aren't holding consumers back.

Cyber Monday is the digital equivalent of Black Friday, a shopping bonanza following Thanksgiving where businesses advertise big sales, often at the crack of dawn. Cyber Monday follows the same trend, though the offerings are exclusively for online purchases. Both events are important parts of the December holiday shopping season, but this is not the only time of year when people buy presents.

Cyber Monday's record sales notwithstanding, shopping for gifts online is actually a year-round phenomenon. Loop's survey found that December holidays were the second-ranked occasion to buy a gift online, with birthdays being the No. 1 event. In fact, 60 percent of millennials reported making online purchases at all times of the year, implying that young people may not need a reason to buy things on the Internet. Taking paid online surveys is a great way to finance purchases year-round.

Survey respondents did show hesitation for online shopping for reasons other than size concerns or the potential hassle of making a return. The poll cited fears over buying an item in the incorrect color, as well as concerns about visible price tags. There were also worries about properly shipping a gift to its recipient, and 18 percent of those surveyed reported that timely delivery was also a major fear.

Important input
The results of the survey suggest that consumers worry about the risk of making a mistake when shopping online and the headache that might come with it, even if they are making purchases in record-setting numbers. Loop CEO and co-founder Roy Erez echoed those sentiments.

"There is no question retailers are leaving money on the table by not making it easier for consumers to purchase gifts online. The path to conversion of shoppers buying for others is very different than the path of shoppers buying for themselves," he said in the press release.

Data like this is important for businesses looking to better serve their customers. By understanding their needs and concerns, they can craft new models and strategies to alleviate any problems.

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