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More WiFi means you can take your surveys with you [video]

Once upon a time, even laptops had to be plugged in to go online. But as Internet speeds increased, so did wireless technology. These days, your WiFi options are endless. Just try standing in any major city and searching for a network!

A leading UK WiFi provider said that in England there's a hotspot for roughly every 11 people. Worldwide, that number is one in every 150. You might be waiting to see the doctor, enjoying a meal at a restaurant, on a layover in an airport - wherever you are, you've got WiFi on your computer.

We asked members in a mini poll whether they take their laptop with them when they're out and about. 75 percent said yes, which makes sense if you've been to a coffee shop recently!

Here at Opinion Outpost, we recommend you use your laptop for survey taking. With greater WiFi access comes more convenient survey taking! Members are already jumping onto the Opinion Outpost site to offer their insight and earn rewards.

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