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Making money online: 5 commuting troubles you'll never have to worry about

Making money online 5 commuting troubles you'll never have to worry about

If you're anything like the average working American, your commute takes roughly an hour out of your day during your trips to and from work, according to USA Today. If you're one of the 600,000 full-time workers who have a "megacommute," you're on the road or alternate modes of transportation for over an hour and a half. 

For many travelers, it's not even that going to and from the office is a waste of time. It's that the journey means facing a lot of painfully annoying obstacles.

1. Bad weather
Unless you're a teacher, gone are the days when you could enjoy a snow day. Now, the white stuff only serves as a wet and cold hurdle on your way to the office. If you drive in, it means risking your safety on treacherous roads. If you take a train or bus, it means trekking through the ice and slush on foot, which very few people consider pleasant.

2. Rush hour
If you're easily agitated on the road, the 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. commute may very well be the bane of your existence. Many people know the pang of anxiety experienced by drivers who get stuck at the same red light multiple times. It's a nightmare during the travel to work and an even greater pain when you're just trying to get home and relax.

3. Crowded train cars and buses
Rush hour doesn't just affect cars on the road either. Plenty of people who have jumped onto a city subway during popular travel times are bothered most by the mass of people trying to do the exact same thing. Getting packed like a sardine with complete strangers into a jostling train car is rarely the best part of anyone's day.

4. Public transportation in general
Then again, even if the the mode of transportation is spacious and comfortable, you'll still be suffering through a long travel time.

"The average travel time for workers who commute by public transportation is higher than that of workers who use other modes," Census Bureau statistician Brian McKenzie told USA Today. "For some workers, using transit is a necessity, but others simply choose a longer travel time over sitting in traffic."

5. It's not always necessary
More workplaces are moving their services to the Web and making it possible for employees to work from home. While that's a great thing for the workers that get to take advantage of this, it only serves as a harsh reminder to the traditional commuter that things could be better.

Luckily for users of paid surveys, things are better. The commute is as easy as booting up your laptop and typing in a URL. You never have to struggle with bad weather, rush hour commuters or public transportation and you can choose any location with a WiFi connection to work from. It's just one of the few perks making money online.

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