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Is making money online a sin?

What does Jesus have to say about earning cash on the World Wide Web? Unfortunately, no one can be certain. The messiah lived and died just around 2,000 years ago, and the Internet didn't even come into existence until the 1960s, according to the History channel. Even more telling, the centuries-old document known as the Bible doesn't explicitly mention the Internet once.

Although, some interpret specific passages and predict some writings may have loosely described some semblance of the Internet. However, no one can be absolutely certain about what the religious leaders of old would have said about cryptocurrency and surfing the Web. There is one living holy leader that has cast his vote, though.

Pope Francis loves the Internet
The Catholic church's highest authority is a big-time Web proponent according to a recent report from the Washington Post. According to the icon, online resources can be a tremendous tool for bringing humanity closer together.

"A culture of encounter demands that we be ready not only to give, but also to receive," Francis said, according to the news source. "Media can help us greatly in this, especially nowadays, when the networks of human communication have made unprecedented advances. The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good. A gift from God."

Pope Francis doesn't just believe the Internet is a likable part of modern society, it can be used as a tool to overcome some of the evils in the world and break down barriers between people. If the word of the Pope isn't enough, the Washington Post also noted that the Vatican even planned to launch a YouTube channel in partnership with Google. If the church operates like other YouTube sensations, they very well could earn money online to benefit other causes.

There is a fine line
However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows on the World Wide Web, and Pope Francis has also spoken about the dangers of the Internet.

"Maybe many young people waste too many hours on futile things," the pope said, according to a Reuters translation. "Our life is made up of time, and time is a gift from God, so it is important that it be used in good and fruitful actions."

From there, the Pope even mentioned a few activities by name, including: "chatting on the Internet or with smartphones, watching TV soap operas, and (using) the products of technological progress, which should simplify and improve the quality of life, but distract attention away from what is really important."

The leader of the Catholic church didn't mention making money online, but he did put emphasis on improving the quality of life. In other words, wasting time on the Web - while not a sin - can be detrimental, but if you work to earn money to benefit loved ones, that may be encouraged.

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