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Investing money earned taking surveys [video]

Earning money through online surveys is an easy way to make some extra cash, which can be spent on a wide array of purchases. So we at Opinion Outpost started wondering: Do our members ever take their earnings and invest in the stock market?

Opinion Outpost makes being paid to take surveys a breeze. Users can get the money they earn routed right to their bank accounts via PayPal. Using these funds to buy stock options that fit their budget would be a tempting option.

We wanted to gauge where our audience stood on the subject, so we asked users how educated they considered themselves to be about the stock market.

Of the 1,765 respondents, 39 percent said they know little about the marketplace, while 22 percent said they're familiar with it and 33 percent said they don't know anything about stocks. Only 5 percent said they were familiar.

For now, only a small population of our members are working on becoming the next Gordon Gecko. But if you want some extra money to throw around in the stock market - or to spend on whatever you want - consider joining Opinion Outpost today using the box to the right!

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