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How to make money online: The unconventional approach

How to make money online the unconventional approach

Today, people do everything from creating viral videos to selling items on eBay to completing paid surveys in hopes of earning money online. The wide realm of the Internet has opened up a vast array of options for average entrepreneurs and savvy businessmen to not just make a little extra cash off of online services, but actually make a living. Online merchant outstandingbooks revealed he or she was able to quit a job as a full-time nurse to sell items online using eBay.

While a sea of success stories from YouTube celebrities, business startups and online sellers have become the norm for people studying how to make money online, don't forget that the creative approach can take you far, too. Here are just a few unconventional routes taken by popular Web moguls.

Harley Morenstein's food fandom
In the world of cooking, there's no chef/food commentator/celebrity as epic as Harley Morenstein. The larger-than-life bearded Canadian became an overnight YouTube sensation for his "Epic Mealtime" videos. In the episodes, a foul-mouthed Morenstein and his group of rag-tag cooks drink copious amounts of Jack Daniels and create enormous food Frankenstein creations, leading up to a chaotic hands-only meal by the end of the video.

While it may be nothing incredibly surprising compared to other YouTube channels, Morenstein took it a step further by acquiring a deal with a deal with A&E Television Networks for his show "Epic Meal Empire." Now, his group of four foodies weave bacon and spend their days working in a kitchen-turned-studio. Not to mention, the icon's sudden fame and interesting character helped create other series like "Epic Gaming Time" and has helped him make appearances in feature films like "Tusk."

Stefanie Strobel's sand art
Online marketplace Fiverr.com has spawned an amalgamation of merchants selling their skills and services for $5. One of the contributors is a sand artist named Stefanie Strobel. She draws custom messages in the sand for people of Newport Beach, California, making a few hundred dollars every month, according to NBC News. 

"I make about $300 per month and can do about 10 to 15 messages per hour, depending on length and complexity," Strobel told the news source.

Don Davidson's afterlife army
Thanks to the Virtual Eternity Program created by online company Intellitar, grieving for a lost loved one doesn't have to be so hard. That's because the Alabama-based company specializes in making an immortal digital replica of friends and family members, Business News Daily reported. According to Don Davidson, the program aims to give users the gift of immortality - or at least a concept of it - while providing an outlet for future family members to see their roots.

The Web service received a fair amount of media attention between 2008 and 2012, but - ironically enough - the domain name does not appear to be registered anymore. Perhaps eternity lasts a shorter time than expected.

There are dozens of weird ways to make money online, but the surest way to quickly make money online may still be more mainstream options. By answering surveys online for money, you can collect a little spending cash in no time.

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