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How to earn money online

The digital age has ushered in a flood of tech-savvy professionals and Internet celebrity hopefuls looking to cash in on making money online. Many people have heard stories of Web users launching famous blogs, selling craft goods or leveraging a company website to make some impressive bucks, but few people realize how difficult it is to make a good living just from working online.

YouTube stardom
The most common Internet dream job mentioned is that of a YouTube celebrity. Thousands of people upload videos to the service every day in hopes of collecting an admirable following and cashing in on hosted advertisements. How much money do YouTube stars collect? Perhaps the most admirable success story comes from YouTube star Jenna Marbles. The spunky character has millions of fans on her hosted channel and Business Insider estimated she collects around $350,000 per year from sharing self-deprecating stories about her life as a typical American woman.

This isn't the whole story, the news source suggested. Jenna Marbles may make more money than she needs, but other YouTube stars make far lower amounts after the cost of video production. Soaring costs of editing combined with expensive camera equipment and a need to produce floods of original and unique content often keep many YouTube hopefuls from scraping together much money - let alone enough to make a living after spending hours every week producing videos.

Getting crafty
For those with a little more artistic prowess, NBC News suggested making crafts to sell online. A flurry of online tools now make it simple for individuals to sell products. Everything from do-it-yourself jewelry to picture frames and more can be made from scratch and sold on platforms like eBay, Craigslist and more. The only thing you have to do is create something of value that someone may want to purchase. For some, this comes naturally. Others may not have as much luck.

Take paid online surveys
Luckily, there is an online money-making option that doesn't require the enormous time commitment and equipment costs of producing YouTube videos or the skill of an accomplished artist or crafter. Many people choose to make money online quickly and easily by completing surveys online for money. Essentially, all Internet users have to do is sign up with a trusted paid survey website and begin answering questions, and they'll be paid for each survey completed. 

Businesses, corporations and other entities have a lot to gain by receiving information about their products or about more general topics. These groups are willing to pay for data that can show consumer trends or tell them about customer preferences. Few people willingly give swaths of information completing surveys, meaning companies have to pay a certain amount for every answer they get. Start answering questions, and you can cash in on what your answers are worth. Best of all, there are no time commitments involved with completing online surveys. Do them in your spare time whenever you want, wherever you want. It's that simple.

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