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How paid surveys can make your college move easier

As the dreaded September 1 date approaches, many college students are fearing the complications that come with moving day. Most collegians will make the move into their new, likely cramped apartments just as the school year begins, making for a complicated day in college towns marked by insane traffic jams, highly illegal parking situations and whatever other nightmares come up in between. For many, it's one of the most stressful parts of the year.

Believe it or not, there is a way to make money online that can help make your move a little easier this year - when you get paid for taking surveys on websites like Opinion Outpost, you can procure the cash necessary to make the transition a little smoother. Start sharing your thoughts with major companies today and employ these simple life hacks to get you into your new place!

Getting the right equipment to move
Using the extra money made on sites like Opinion Outposts, people who are relocating should be sure to procure their moving vehicles well in advance instead of waiting for the bargains that tend to come along later in the summer. The more colleges that exist within a city's bounds, the likelier it is that moving trucks will be harder to find by the day as time goes on, meaning that those moving need to plan far ahead. BostInno reporter Caroline Lyle wrote on what it's like moving in the city of Boston in particular, and spoke with a representative from BostonPads.com for perspective.

"September 1 is a natural man-made disaster citywide, no matter what kind of spin you put on it," said Demetrios Salpoglou, CEO of BostonPads.com. "There are simply too many leases that run on the 9/1 apartment leasing cycle, and that's unlikely to change."

With money from paid surveys, movers can also purchase sturdy boxes with which to move their things, rather than relying on the often inefficient cardboard boxes of old. Better options include plastic crates, wooden boxes similar to the ones used at beer breweries and metal wire containers. 

Using simple life hacks to improve the move
There are other, less expensive ways to prevent disaster when unloading materials from the moving truck. Lifestyle magazine Complex recommended a number of quick fixes to stave off breakage of fragile materials on the road, including these unexpectedly efficient tips.

  • Snap a photo of all your connected wires before moving. It'll help you reassemble your cables at your new apartment!
  • Put foam plates between glass dishware instead of wrapping the latter in newspaper. It's more space efficient and effective overall.
  • Place drinking glasses in clean socks when transporting. The extra padding may save a glass from shattering.

No matter where you're moving or how much stuff you have, there's no denying that the costs associated with relocating can be alleviated with ease when one earns extra money online by taking paid surveys. Though no amount of money can lessen the stress, there are plenty of ways to make a move easier by putting forth a little extra cash!

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