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How paid surveys can get you the hottest albums of 2016

How paid surveys can get you the hottest albums of 2016

Opinion Outpost lets members earn money online from home through paid surveys, but it also allows users to redeem gift cards to sites like iTunes*. That means getting your hands on the newest music and best albums has never been easier.

In the coming year, some of the most popular artists will release highly anticipated albums, and by taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost, you can guarantee you'll be ready. Here are some of the biggest albums to look out for in 2016.

"Swish"- Kanye West
According to Billboard, Kanye has referred to his latest album as "sonic painting." Unfortunately, no release date has yet been chosen, although Yeezy tweeted in December that the record was near completion.

West's most recent LP, "Yeezus," was met with criticism as well as praise, and there's no telling what "Swish" will sound like. Either way, it will likely be one of the most coveted records of the year.

"Views From The 6"- Drake
Drizzy has been in the spotlight recently because of the success of his single "Hotline Bling," and according to Hot New Hip Hop, "Views From The 6" could be available as soon as this January.

No official release date has been set, but after Drake posted a sample to his Instagram account in late December the Internet exploded with rumors and speculation.

The New Zealand native will follow up her hit 2013 album with a new LP in the coming year, though no title has been released as of yet, according to New Music Entertainment.

The 19-year-old pop sensation is best known for her song "Royals," and has been working on this latest album since March of 2015. 

Honorable mentions
There will be hundreds of albums released in 2016, much to the delight of music lovers everywhere, and there are too many big names to count. According to Stereo Gum, rappers Action Bronson, Pusha T, Chance The Rapper and the Gorillaz are among the most popular Hip-Hop artists that will put out a new album in the coming year.

As for Rock and Roll, artists like David Bowie, James Blake, Metallica and Radiohead will also be dropping LPs in 2016, along with pop sensations Rihanna, Arianna Grande and M.I.A., Stereo Gum reported.

This coming year will be a big one for new music, and that's only based on the artists who have actually confirmed new albums.

Surprise releases
In the past, some musicians have been able to keep a new project completely secret, only to release an album unannounced. This usually results in a panicked race to download the record, which means having an iTunes gift card on deck will be very handy.

Beyoncé famously released "Beyoncé," her fifth studio album, in 2013 without any warning, according to NME. Even the producers of the LP, Sony, were taken completely by surprise. 

Other big names like U2 and Justin Timberlake have also dropped an album unannounced, and nowadays, music fans need to stay on their toes to ensure they have the latest and greatest music.

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