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How do your paid surveys help consumers?

How do your paid surveys help consumers?

For many people, knowing that paid surveys are a quick and easy way to earn a secondary source of income with few commitments other than a little extra time on a computer can be satisfying enough. However, there are others that want to make sure the work they do has some sort of beneficial impact as well. After all, what good is your work if it doesn't help make the world a better place?

When you're filling out product surveys remotely, seeing your direct contribution to the world around you can be tricky. But rest assured, what you do does come back to benefit every day consumers in a few different ways.

You're a trusted source of information
Search Engine Land reported that a Local Consumer Review Survey in 2012 showed that the average consumer became more trusting of online reviews. In fact, 72 percent of survey respondents said that they trusted online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation.

You may think this only applies to review websites like Yelp or Angie's List, but it's actually quite simple to see where there could be a connection to reviews given by paid survey users online, too. When you fill out an online questionnaire for money, you're often giving product feedback and reviewing particular items or services for marketing research. Your review might not be seen by the random consumer picking out a highly rated restaurant, but it may influence the way a company designs a product to make it better for others.

In other words, your review is helping a corporation enhance its services and goods for the consumer. Without your help, that business may continue to give the same subpar experience to customers. You have a direct contribution to making a company better, and the better a company is, the better it can serve the consumer - which could include your friends and family!

Take care in how you answer
Of course, this only works if you're sincere in how you take online surveys. Not only do you jeopardize a business' trust in your reviews, and thereby your ability to receive paid surveys, by clicking randomly, but you also risk clouding the organization's judgment. With your compromised data, they may go on to produce a product that doesn't meet the full needs of the consumer. All the work you did could actually be considered a disservice to both the company and the people it serves.

It's important to answer questions accurately and thoughtfully. Because there is an incentive to fill out more surveys at a quicker pace, some people focus on just completing as many as possible without regard for giving quality answers. This may seem beneficial in the short term, but don't be fooled. The less thoughtful you are with your answers, the less valuable your feedback is to a company, and that's all the reason they need to stop sending you questionnaires.

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