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How did these popular cartoon characters come to life?

When it comes to our favorite cartoon characters, it's hard to imagine the crazy people and concepts that inspired them, especially when one is impossibly bogged down by work. Those who earn extra money online with paid surveys have the time to reflect on the programs that affected them growing up and those that influence them today, and may be able to spot a few of the references cartoonists made to public figures throughout the years. See how many you can spot!

Eric Cartman and Archie Bunker
According to a piece published by Flavorwire, Matt Parker and Trey Stone's iconic "fat kid" character from "South Park" was actually inspired by one of the most famous sitcom characters of all time. The creators have noted in the past that though the physicality and ages of the characters are far removed, their core qualities are still the same - both have stirred quite a bit of media controversy with their politically incorrect statements, they have extremely short fuses when dealing with the characters around them and are still able to win over audiences worldwide with a bizarre charm. Archie and Cartman have their endearing moments, and for viewers that's often enough.

Edna Mode and Edith Head
Edna Mode is the notorious superhero costumer designer from the 2004 Pixar film "The Incredibles," a story of a family of super-humans who fight evil. Noted for her genius and often overly shrewd outfit critiques, tiny animated Edna is actually inspired by famous film costumer Edith Head, according to Cracked writer Sammy Trujilo. Head designed every stitch in 436 movies during her career, including more than 10 works of Alfred Hitchcock's and other famous films like "All About Eve," "The Ten Commandments" and "Roman Holiday." Head was notoriously vain and proud of her work - and rightly so.

Ariel the Mermaid and Alyssa Milano
It's no coincidence that then-young starlet Alyssa Milano hosted the behind-the-scenes special for Disney masterpiece "The Little Mermaid" upon its release in 1989 - she had, in fact, been one of the main inspirations for the animated film's protagonist. The Huffington Post confirmed that the head animator's inspiration for Ariel the mermaid's character was Milano, explaining that she was used as an example of what body type and features were attractive to young people at the time. Though the character's hair color was changed to red to avoid comparison to the blonde mermaid in the 1988 live action film "Splash" with Tom Hanks, the resemblance is certainly present in the finished film.

When you get paid for online surveys and earn money at home, it's wonderful to reflect on cartoons from yesterday and today and appreciate the true artistry behind them. Some impressive influences that didn't quite make the cut include Stewie Griffin, the murderous baby from "Family Guy," who was vocally inspired by "My Fair Lady" lead actor Rex Harrison, and the wizard from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," whose body was directly drawn from Walt Disney's. See how many more parallels you can find with the time you save taking paid surveys! 

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