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Get paid with online surveys for money by referring a friend

You've probably already realized how convenient, easy and rewarding it is to complete paid surveys yourself. You can snag some free items while doing product surveys, you get an entry into the Opinion Outpost $10,000 quarterly prize draw for every survey you try and, best of all, you earn points with every questionnaire that can be easily turned into cash or gift cards for online marketplaces.

But did you know that you don't even have to answer questions yourself to earn a little cash? When you use the Opinion Outpost Refer-a-Friend program, you can earn a little cash just by telling people you know about paid surveys online.

How it works
The concept is pretty simple. Companies benefit when more people take surveys about their products and services. Those surveys tell a story about what the businesses provide, and the more surveys they receive, the better and more descriptive that story is. Because of this, there's an incentive for businesses to offer you a reward for wrangling up more survey takers. Luckily, Opinion Outpost makes it easy for you to do that, too.

Opinion Outpost provides shareable material and links that promote the Refer-a-Friend program. They're easy to post on social media so your friend group will spot that information and sign up.

You can earn 1 dollar each time a friend you refer with a custom link joins and completes a survey. You can earn up to 5 dollars in the refer a friend program. However, if your friend signs up without using the custom link, you may not qualify for the reward. Send your friends a custom link right from your account page for the best results. Just look for the refer a friend tab.

Why should you refer a friend?
This isn't just a win for you, though. You already know the benefits of paid surveys. They're super easy to complete from home or anywhere with a WiFi connection, and each question you answer means a little more cash in pocket.

Your friends might not know about this convenient little hobby, though. The referral program is how you let them know what they're missing out on. They get a new and innovative way to earn money online in their free time, and you get a little cash for using those keen networking skills.

And don't forget that your friends can refer people they know as well. There are dozens of opportunities to earn cash on the Web. Don't let them go to waste!

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