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Fund out-of-the-box holiday gifts by taking paid surveys

Fund out of the box holiday gifts by taking paid surveys

With the holidays nearing, it's time to make your list and check it twice. Tired of giving boxed gifts? Make a change. This year, give experiences, instead. Of course, taking paid surveys is an easy way to expand your holiday budget. So once you've locked down your financing, peruse our list of experiential gifts. Your friends and family won't be disappointed.   

The stage calls
Get the folks on your nice list out of the house with a trip to the theater. Give them an excuse to get all dressed up for that touring production they've always wanted to see, or, if you're working with a bigger budget, coordinate a trip to New York City so they can get the authentic Broadway experience. The New York Times published a full list of its critics' personal recommendations. Dealing with obsessive binge-watchers? Book some tickets to a live television show taping. 

Wax nostalgic 
These days, shopping for music lovers is nearly impossible without resorting to impersonal gift cards. This season, turn to the classics - the rest of the country has. According to Business Insider, vinyl record dealers have made around $148 million so far this year. So get the music nerd on your list a subscription to a record club like Vinyl Me, Please. Need to score a turntable, as well? Check out Thrillist's list of top ten record players. Of course, your record-collecting friend is going to need someplace to store all of those new LPs. Apartment Therapy put together a list of the space-saving vinyl storage solutions

Taste the town
Have a friend or family member whose Instagram feed is filled with vivid food photos that look good enough to eat? Gift them a culinary adventure. Houston, Providence, and Kansas City, Missouri are the nation's best food cities, reported Travel and Leisure. According to The Huffington Post, the rest of country is also pretty bountiful, food-wise. If you're looking for something more reserved, try a food-oriented subscription service. Buzzfeed compiled an exhaustive list of the best food subscription boxes around

Smell the roses
Buzzfeed suggested giving your green-thumbed companions the gift of plant life with a membership to their local garden or arboretum. Want to encourage a well-meaning gardening novice? According to Bustle, herbs like chive, mint and thyme are nearly indestructible. Also, there are monetary benefits. Growing your own greens can net you profit, reported The Wall Street Journal.       

Give to a good cause
Holidays are about giving. Spend your money where it's needed most by adopting an endangered animal or sponsoring an impoverished child in the name of your gift recipient. According to Just Give, you've got a lot of options. Also, most charitable giving organizations send sponsors monthly updates so your recipient will remain engaged with this gift for quite some time. That's something you just can't achieve with an average boxed present, no matter how shiny the wrapping.

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