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Former celebs most likely taking online surveys for money

Former celebs most likely taking online surveys for money

When your bank accounts are overflowing with cash, your lifestyle probably isn't as frugal as others'. New cars and mansions barely make dents. However, those big purchases add up and your cash flow will dwindle. If you're lucky, you'll be able to budget your funds before they get too low. Some former celebrities weren't so lucky and probably should've spent a little more time on Opinion Outpost taking online surveys for money.

The actor and comedian made a number of movies and TV shows that were so bad they were good. However, the same can't be said for his investments. Most recently, Sinbad filed for his second bankruptcy with $11 million, $8 million of that owed to the government. The $16,000 monthly salary and $131,000 in assets weren't enough to cover those bills, according to The Huffington Post. Sinbad reportedly told Oprah he didn't spend extravagantly, but he did invest in both his and others' career. He may not regret a minute of it, but a few paid surveys could lessen the blow to his bank account.

Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln
You may know them as America's 3rd and 16th presidents. However, a little known fact is they both experienced tons of debt throughout their lifetimes. Before running the country, Lincoln was a shopkeeper who failed after a year and spent the next 17 years paying for it. Jefferson was in the same boat. He made a few poor decisions and suffered from debt for most of his adult life. He died with $100,000 owed to his creditors. If computers would have been around in the 19th century, both former presidents would've benefited from online surveys for money. While it wouldn't have paid off their debts, it would've shortened the time frame.

Toni Braxton
Sure, the female R&B singer has sold millions of albums and earned herself a couple of Grammies, but that didn't prevent her from falling into debt. Braxton declared bankruptcy twice, once in 2010 and later in 2013. Her financial problems came as a result of medical bills for a heart condition, which forced her to cancel a number of shows, HuffPost explained. She supposedly owed up to $50 million. However, six months after her 2013 filing, she bought a $3 million home in California. She may not be able to pay off her debt, but taking some online surveys for money in her free time might help her make a couple payments on her new mansion.

Leif Garrett
The former teen idol had a successful career as an actor and singer in the '70s and '80s. However, that luck turned around in 1979 when a car accident left his best friend as a paraplegic - he was driving under the influence, according to Biography.com. His friend's family sued him for negligence and the case was eventually settled out of court. From there, he continued to go downhill. He was arrested on numerous accounts for possession of illegal narcotics. In 2001, Garrett filed for bankruptcy and was reportedly living on a $1,000 per month allowance from his mom, MyFirstClassLife reported. Not even paid surveys could bail him out of this jam, but they may have been able to save his mother some money.

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