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For cash-strapped post-grads, paid online surveys provide boost

For cash strapped postgrads paid online surveys provide boost

Taking paid online surveys can be a big boost for recent college graduates who are struggling to find meaningful employment and pay off hefty student loans. Paid surveys provide an easy way to earn some pocket money for those who are otherwise swimming in bills.

According to Debt.org, a college graduate in 2014 owes an average of $33,000 in student loans. As more and more young Americans take to higher education, the need to make money online from home will only grow. That requires stringent money management for new entries to the workforce who are struggling to balance a budget and make ends meet for the first time. Paid surveys are a great way to stretchy margins for young people and bring in some extra cash.

To make matters worse, 40 percent of all unemployed people in the U.S. are millennials, according to a report from Georgetown University. Despite looming student loans, young people across the country are finding it tough to find employment, which makes bringing in an adequate amount of money each month all the more difficult. For that reason, an opportunity to make money online from home is especially important for recent college graduates, and taking paid surveys is a great way to do exactly that.

Paid online surveys can help
For millennials who have moved back home and are looking for careers or are working part-time, paid online surveys are a great tool for making money from home. A few weeks of responding to questionnaires can earn a considerable sum of Opinion Outpost points. That should be good enough to bring in a few extra dollars, but savvy survey respondents will wait even longer and use their earnings to help with their budget or other expenses. Referring a friend to Opinion Outpost is a great way to make even more bonus cash, and it's just as easy as taking surveys.

Taking online surveys won't give post-grads a means of paying off their student loans in full, but it can provide any participant with a little bit of bonus cash and a chance to breathe when financial constraints get tough. Even for millennials who have found steady work, using paid surveys online from home is still an excellent way to earn extra money. 

Cash Prizes
While generally speaking taking paid online surveys is more appropriate for bringing in extra cash for recent graduates than for trying to pay off the entirety of a student loan, there are opportunities for survey participants to earn a big chunk of money.

Opinion Outpost members are automatically enrolled in a quarterly $10,000 cash give-away simply by participating, quite a welcome bonus for any cash-strapped millennials. Importantly, each survey taken corresponds to one entry into the giveaway, meaning the more surveys a patron fills out, the greater his or her odds of winning the $10,000.

Winning one of Opinion Outpost's cash giveaways would be tremendously welcome to any recent college graduate, but even so, taking paid online surveys to make a little bit of extra money is still a great opportunity for millennials on a budget.

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