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Earn money online to pay for Thanksgiving turkey essentials

Earn money online to pay for Thanksgiving turkey essentials

Thanksgiving is nearly here, which means it's turkey time. And, as most family cooks know, preparing the festive bird is an intense culinary experience that requires an array of cooking accoutrements.

Taking paid surveys is a great way to subsidize your turkey tool kit. So, for your convenience, we've compiled a list of the top five turkey prep essentials.

 1. Kitchen timer app
Timing is essential to cooking a tasty turkey. Leave it in the oven too long, you're left with a bone-dry meat; remove the turkey too soon, it's inedible. Popular Mechanics suggested ditching the old-school twist timer and downloading a kitchen timer app. Some enable you to track your entire meal, from bird to bread, using one screen. Plus, if you perform a culinary coup and cook a perfect Thanksgiving meal using a timer app, you can save your cooking times for later use.  

2. Meat thermometer
Meat thermometers are must-haves. Most turkeys come equipped with a pop-up timer. These plastic wonders are programmed to pop when a turkey reaches an internal temperature of 180 degrees, reported The Huffington Post. Great, except, your turkey was done 20 degrees ago. That's right - the correct internal temperature for a fully cooked bird is 160 degrees. According to Epicurious, you have two meat thermometer options: instant-read or ovenproof. Each type is fairly accurate. Though, ovenproof thermometers allow cooks to measure meat temperatures without opening the oven door.  

3. Roasting Pan
According to Slate, home chefs should look for a solid roasting pan with a poultry rack. These racks facilitate a more even roast and catch cooking juices, the online magazine reported. Collecting juice is, of course, key to creating turkey's traditional accompaniment: gravy. And, unlike unwieldy aluminum roasters, metal pans are great for stove-top gravy creation. Just pour milk and a thickening agent straight into the vessel, whisk and you've got gravy.

4. Carving knife
Put down that chef's knife and get yourself an actual carving knife. Proper carving knives are long and thin, reported Esquire. This design enables the blade to cut smoothly through turkey without catching on the meat and producing course slices. Unless you intend to serve turkey p​ate, Slate suggested avoiding trendy electric knives.

5. Cutting board
Epicurious advised carvers to cut their birds on boards, not platters. Look for a large, dense wooden board. Additionally, your board should have a beveled trench for catching juice and stray turkey morsels. To avoid slippage - and knife wounds - you should invest in a cutting surface with rubber grips, said Popular Mechanics. If you're cutting budgetary corners, you can steady your board by placing a moist towel beneath it. 

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