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Earn extra money online to pay for Halloween expenses

With autumn in full swing, most Americans are getting ready for an expensive holiday season, their eyes firmly glued on November and December. Yet between now and then, some 157 million Americans are expected to celebrate Halloween in 2015, according to the National Retail Federation, and many people often forget that October comes with its own costs.

What's more, almost $7 billion will be spent on Halloween in American in 2015, and an individual can expect to spend an average of $74 dollars on Halloween candy, costumes and decorations. Taking paid online surveys is a great way to bring in extra cash to help finance some of these spooky expenses. 

The candy
Bankrate estimated that the average household will spend north of $22 on Halloween candy alone this year, representing a significant chunk of change. For households looking to upgrade to full-sized candy bars for trick-or-treaters, the cost will be even higher.

Candy is a fan favorite, and among children anyway, an integral part of what makes Halloween so alluring. Ghosts and goblins aside, a Halloween without candy would be mighty scary for young trick-or-treaters, meaning the cost of confectionery might be unavoidable. 

The costumes
If you thought candy prices were frightening, things are even spookier when we jump to costumes. Bankrate indicated families can expect the cost of children's costumes to jump nearly 6 percent from 2014 rates. The average child's Halloween costume costs $32.64 , up from 2014's average price of $30.79. 

To make matters worse, Bankrate stated that 13 percent of Americans will be buying a costume for their pets, to say nothing of costumes for adults themselves. Making money online by taking paid surveys is a great way to finance the outfits you need, either by earning cash directly or collecting Amazon* gift cards.

Even by shopping at thrift stores or opting for DIY Halloween costumes, the cost is hard to ignore. The above estimates do not include the price of accessories, so if you want your little trick-or-treater to have the best  costume around, you should expect to pay for it.

Jack-o'-lanterns and other decorations
While a pumpkin is probably one of the more affordable aspects of Halloween, this beloved tradition comes with its own expense. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average price for a pumpkin in the month of October is around $5

Decorations, on the other hand, can usually be ​saved and reused year after year. Halloween enthusiasts no doubt have their own stock of spooky ornaments for their homes or apartments. According to Bankrate, the average cost of Halloween decorations dropped in 2015, which is good news for anyone whose October budget is being spread thin by the onslaught of haunted expenses.

After Halloween comes Thanksgiving and its evil twin Black Friday, and before you know it the holidays will have come and gone. The end of the year comes with a quick succession of costly celebrations, meaning that consumers and families will be eyeing their bottom lines all the more stringently. By being proactive about financing Halloween, and knowing what sort of costs to expect, Americans can be ready for just such a squeeze. Making money at home by taking paid online surveys certainly wouldn't hurt either.

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