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Earn extra money online and become an artist

When you're stressed out about finances, it can be difficult to think about anything but the pending bills looming over your head. However, you'll find there's more to life than worry once you discover that you can earn extra money online by taking paid surveys and relieving a little of the daily worry that plagues those stuck in debt. By simply working from home, people can indulge in hobbies or aspirations they hadn't considered in years - for instance, painting and creating art has become far more accessible in recent years with the establishment of Paint Nites, events intended to give users the opportunity to make something beautiful as well as being an excellent first date.

Get social with art skills
When you get paid for taking online surveys, it's time to focus on you again. Dating can be a difficult, treacherous environment in today's culture what with the onset of online dating, but Paint Nite takes all the worries out of "What should we do?" Founded just last year, the company holds events all over the country and is intended specifically for "making art accessible to people who don't consider themselves artists or creative in any way," according to its website. For a couple who are just starting out, this can be a fantastic way to break the ice.

Events work by allowing students to sign up according to the painting they want to create and, ideally, hang in their homes. The website features titles like "Blue Twilight," "Full Moon, Full of Love" and "Cotton Candy Boston," all relatively simple yet visually appealing pieces that painters will often keep or give to a valued friend once the session is over. The Daily Beast contributor Kelsey Meany wrote about the company when it began in New York.

"To join as an instructor, artists have to create many mock-ups of a single painting and divide it into sections so it's easier to understand for beginners," the source explained. "Besides a portion of the cash given to the artist for the night, they also receive exposure, and a chance to improve their own work."

Not only is Paint Nite a chance for amateurs to come out of their shells, it's a positive way for local artists to make a name for themselves.

The value of an artistic experience
Paint Nite isn't just for lovers - for people who earned extra money online, attending one of the company's events can be a treat to themselves or an experience to have with a friend. While money can't buy peace of mind and well being, it's certainly beneficial to have a little extra cash with which to enjoy the little things in life, like spending time with someone important or creating a piece of art. 

Even if the date doesn't go great, investing in an event as fun as Paint Nite with money made from paid surveys is never a bad idea. After all, it's combining the artistic world with the social one, a double header of self-improvement efforts that will leave you feeling fulfilled.

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