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Don't spend it all in one place: 5 apps that will help you save money

It's time to give the gaming apps a rest and start using the smart part of your smartphone to save cash. Downloading a few money-saving apps is a great place to start. There are dozens of tools that can help you with everything from budgeting to saving on car insurance. All you need to do is give them a try.

Paid online surveys are a great way to bring some extra revenue into your bank account, but it's all about how you choose to use that money. With these apps, you can rest easy knowing your funds are being used wisely.

1. Mint
If you've ever looked at your bank account and wondered, "where did all my money go?" Mint is the app for you. It collects information from every one of your accounts, allowing you to look at all your financial info at once. From there, you can build a budget, and the app will even display your cash flow data and net worth using graphs and charts.

2. Go
Car insurance payments can be a headache, but they're even worse when you know you could be saving more money but don't know how to do it. That's where Go comes in. Here's the gist from the app's founder Kevin Pomplum:

"You can save 30 percent in 30 seconds, and often that is usually with the same insurance company you are already with. On average Go users are saving $342 a year and most insurers are offering a 5 percent discount just for signing up through Go," Pomplum said, according to The Huffington Post.

3. Amazon Local
If you're a frugal shopper, you're probably already saving big bucks by using Amazon, but you may not know about Amazon Local yet. The idea is simple - the Amazon Local app helps you find deals for restaurants, products and more based on your location. Users enjoy big discounts often ranging from 30 to 80 percent. The system will even alert you when there are deals you may be interested in based on your purchasing history.

4. CoSign
Have you ever given a recommendation to a friend about a product you like or a piece of clothing you wear? Did you know that you could get paid for endorsements just like that? The creators behind CoSign are eagerly working to harness the power of the selfie. All you do is take a picture of yourself or an item you like, tag the products in the images and you'll get a monetary reward for every person that uses your link to buy a product.

5. Gas Buddy
This one is for anyone that wants to find the cheapest gas station on the go. Gas Buddy posts info about the price at the pump for gas stations in your area by using a network of users that update the information regularly. Save money by finding the lowest deals or try making money by reporting prices yourself for points and prizes.

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