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Do fellow shoppers a favor by taking surveys for money

You already know that doing online surveys for money is great for you. You can relax at home, answer a few easy questions and immediately earn spending money or gift cards to popular online marketplaces.

But did you know that your responses can actually have a big impact on the average shopper too? People across the nation could benefit because you shared your valuable opinion with a big business developing a fun new product, and that's a fact that becomes ever more important with the holiday shopping season approaching.

Here's a play-by-play explaining how your opinion can create some big changes for consumers.

Test a product and make it better
When you give feedback about a new product, your words often influence the designers on the cutting room floor. Online surveys are paid for by businesses that want to know what people think of their products before they start mass-producing and selling them. That investment becomes beneficial when the company takes your words to heart and makes changes you want to see.

But it's not just your opinion. It's your opinion combined with the thoughts and feelings of thousands of others regarding that new item. Businesses analyze those insights to find the most popular options and answers - the changes that will please the greatest amount of buyers. You may think your survey responses are just words on a page, but they could create a huge difference in the product being tested and the product that's sold on the showroom floor.

Provide consumer insights and trend information
But you won't always be testing a product. Oftentimes paid survey-takers simply answer questions related to current events, pop culture, popular items and other things. Believe it or not, these answers can lay the foundation for some big innovations, too.

Here's a current example. There are millions of iPhone users across the country who were pleased with their texting experience, but they noticed there was room for improvement. Seeing a lack of emoji options, they delivered the market research information that likely paved the way for the changes made just recently.

USA Today recently reported that the new iOS 9.1 software update would include a hot dog, cheese wedge, burrito, champagne bottle, popcorn and taco emoji - some of the most popularly requested options. If you have any doubts about how strongly users wanted these emojis, refer to the taco emoji petition on Change.org that had more than 32,000 supporters.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that Apple noticed the interest in these emojis based on that consumer feedback and designed the new characters, but you don't always have to sign a petition to make changes like this. By taking surveys for money, you'll provide information like that to companies every day, supplying the data they need to give shoppers what they want.

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