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Check out some of the craziest ballpark food across the U.S.

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks may be staple foods when it comes to catching a baseball game, but nowadays, professional stadiums offer some seriously eye-popping amenities to hungry visitors. A cold beer and hot dog may be as classic as it comes, but from Boston to L.A. and everywhere in between, ballpark food has come a long way.

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The cheeseburger dog: Arizona Diamondbacks
The Detroit Free Press stated that down in the desert, baseball fans are being treated to one doozy of a snack food.  A bacon cheeseburger is formed into a hot dog  before being deep-fried. This monster is topped with lettuce, tomato and a special secret sauce. 

The Burgerizza: Atlanta Braves
USA Today reported that as Turner Field celebrates its final season as the home of the Atlanta Braves, baseball fans in the Peach State will have the opportunity to dive into some serious indulgences. And this monster is not for the faint of heart.

Cheddar cheese and bacon adorn this massive 20-ounce beef patty, and before you tuck in your bib and get started, know that each bun on this burger is actually an 8-inch personal pepperoni pizza. Seriously.

Cracker Jack and Mac Dog: Pittsburgh Pirates
Instead of doing away with old favorites, the folks at PNC Park have opted to combine the best ballpark favorites into one heck of a concession stand item. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that this dish starts out as a humble hot dog sitting atop of a bun made of Indian naan. From there, however, things get a little crazy.

The chef piles on macaroni and cheese, jalapenos, and Cracker Jacks before drizzling caramel sauce over-top. Steve Musciano is the general manager of Aramark, the food provider for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He said of this hot dog,

"It's sweet and savory, with a bit of spice to it — a fantastic creation. People eat baked beans on a hot dog, right?"

Sweet Potato Waffle Chicken Sandwich: Houston Astros
Everything is bigger in Texas, and the folks working at Minute Maid Park must have taken that spirit to heart when they cooked up this crazy concoction. Sweet potato waffles are used to sandwich a grilled chicken breast before being topped with Greek yogurt, baby spinach and tomatoes. 

Chicken and Donut Skewer: Texas Rangers
Not to be outdone by their neighbors, the Texas Rangers offer fans an equally outrageous dish. Topped in a sweet and sour buffalo honey sauce, USA Today stated that this dish features fried chicken and donuts side-by-side. 

Buffalo Cauliflower Poutine: Toronto Blue Jays
Up in Canada, baseball fans can still be treated to some wild ballpark food. This take on poutine - a Canadian dish involving French fries and gravy - will demand a pretty serious seventh inning stretch. At the same time, however, this recipe is fully vegetarian, meaning it can be enjoyed with less guilt than some of the other foods on this list.

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