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Celebrate with the biggest New Year's party on Earth

There's no place like Times Square on New Year's. The streets are packed with costumed revelers and tourists, stages host some of the biggest pop icons in the world and, according to the International Business Times, around one billion people are projected to watch the ball drop this year.

New York City has to be the location of the biggest New Year's Eve party on Earth, right? Wrong.

With just 1 million people expected to attend the midnight party in Times Square, this bash doesn't even achieve half the size of the world's biggest celebrations.

This year, two cities will be vying for the title of biggest New Year's party in the world.

Rio De Janeiro 
According to The Travel Channel, this Brazilian coastal city has been the host of the world's largest New Year's celebration for years. Specifically, Copacabana Beach attracts over 2 million locals and tourists before the fireworks are set off from beach-side barges.

Celebrators are encouraged to wear specific colors to ring in the new year, turning the beach into an enormous canvas. Most wear white, but a few other shades are supposed to mean good luck for the year ahead. If you're looking for romance, throw on a shade of red. Revelers in green are supposed to experience particularly good health over the next 12 months, and yellow or gold symbolize good fortune and financial prosperity. Whatever you do, don't wear black to the party. It's considered bad luck.

As enormous as Rio's New Year's party is, it's just the second largest annual event on the city's calendar. The largest gathering is reserved for Carnival, according to The Independent.

This may be the first time in years that Rio isn't the site of the largest party on the planet. That's because Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is gearing up to throw the biggest and best celebration for the start of 2015, according to Forbes. A larger-than-life bash in this desert city is no new feat, however. Last year, the city hosted the largest ever fireworks display, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, launching almost 500,000 shells off in just six minutes. 

That's not the only massive display that will be put on during the festivities. Fixed onto the Burj Khalifa - the half-mile-high mega-skyscraper - will be perhaps the world's largest LED screen, which will accompany the laser and light show at the stroke of midnight. 

As of yet, projections suggest around 1.7 million people will be gathering downtown when the celebration commences, according to The National. That number could increase, and your measure of the event may fluctuate if you're including regions just outside the downtown area. Either way, Dubai is within striking distance to oust Rio as the venue of the world's largest New Year's gathering. Now all you have to worry about is purchasing a plane ticket to get there.

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