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Bradley Cooper spotted wearing his trademark shades

Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper is most famous for his role in movies such as The Hangover and American Sniper, but when he's not rescuing his friends from Sin City or chasing bad guys, Cooper has earned himself a different sort of reputation. In fact, it seems he's become a bit of a sunglasses model.

While the 41-year old actor isn't officially a partner with any one company when it comes to promoting his sunglasses, it appears people seem to take notice whenever he's rocking a new pair of shades and shielding his pearly blue eyes from the sun.

The Hangover effect
In the 2009 film, The Hangover, Cooper plays Phil, a cocky but loveable protagonist who keeps his friends grounded in the face of hilarious disaster. In the film, Cooper is seen wearing a pair of Ray-Bans, according to Sunglasses ID, and fans of the movie can't seem to get enough.

In fact, there are dozens of websites promoting the exact style of sun glasses worn by Cooper and links for where they can be bought. Taking paid surveys is a great way to make money online from home, as well as earn gift cards for brands like Amazon*, and for anyone interested in emulating their inner Bradley Cooper, these glasses and similar styles are available starting as low as $10.

According to People magazine, the Ray-Ban aviators may have been Bradley Cooper's sunglasses of choice for The Hangover, but in his daily life, he prefers a different style all together.

The Hollywood insiders at People reported that Cooper is rarely seen out of the house without his trademark glasses, a navy blue pair of Carrera sunglasses. The glasses boast a stylish blue tint, and Bradley has been seen wearing them with everything from a winter coat to a casual baseball cap.

People also stated that similar glasses are rather inexpensive, and for anyone interested, they can be found at a number of distributors.

Despite his signature blue-tinted glasses, it appears Bradley Cooper is a bit of a collector when it comes to protecting himself from the sun. The Sunglasses Shop reported that he has been seen sporting a number of different styles and brands throughout his career, although the blue Carreras are his most frequently worn pair.

When he's not wearing his Carrera sunglasses or Hangover Ray-Bans, Cooper can be found rocking Oakley's or Persols. Regardless of brand, it seems the actor has an affinity for wearing sunglasses. This may be to hide his image from pesky fans or because he simply loves how he looks in his trademark shades, but either way, it appears Bradley Cooper really loves his sunglasses. Surely Cooper's legacy is much more confined to the Hollywood Boulevard and the annals of the film industry, but his sunglasses play a small part in capturing his image and allure.

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