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Are SurveyMonkeys anonymous?

Are SurveyMonkeys anonymous?

If you've ever taken an online survey distributed by your workplace, a professional institution or even a business collecting customer reviews, it's likely you may have used a SurveyMonkey service. According to the company, 100 percent of Fortune 100 companies are SurveyMonkey customers, and a plethora of academic institutions, businesses and other professional organizations use the online survey provider. 

In the words of the SurveyMonkey, "chances are you know someone who is hooked on the Monkey." With so many individuals using SurveyMonkey, it's realistic that some may question how safe and secure the service is. One of the most popular questions asked by participants is whether or SurveyMonkey is anonymous. Without guaranteed anonymity, people may find it hard to share their opinions in an honest manner. For all intents and purposes, SurveyMonkey can protect your anonymity, but that's not all up to the company.

It's up to the creator
SurveyMonkey allows users to create surveys, either with anonymous responses or ones that capture personal information automatically. That means it's up to the particular user to protect anonymity. There are two different ways the service can capture your personal information. The first method involves personal consent by asking that respondents give their details in the survey itself. The second method, which does not require this, automatically captures your email address or IP address for the survey creator. Luckily, this can be disabled, but it's the creator's responsibility to do so. Once IP address and email capture is shut off, respondents' information can still be discovered if you're replying to an email invitation.

Check the privacy statement
Users can find out how surveys have been designed by checking an available privacy statement. SurveyMonkey encourages all survey takers to check for privacy statements before offering personal or demographic information that may identify you. Before you take online surveys, make sure a privacy statement answers all of your relevant questions beforehand. If the document is not readily available, contact the survey creator to ensure your anonymity is secure. 

Reliability and security
Security is not an optional criterion for SurveyMonkey. All collected information is guaranteed to be safe, according to the company, and developers work to collect as little personal information as is necessary to gather helpful responses. Moreover, SurveyMonkey works to enact transparent security guidelines that any individual can check before indulging in a service. You can find the company's security policy on its official website

A quick fix for online survey takers, you can get a vague idea of how anonymous and secure a survey is by looking at the URL. If it begins with https:// that means your information is being sent over a secure and encrypted connection. However, this can also be toggled by the survey creator. As a rule of thumb, check the privacy statement, read SurveyMonkey's security statement and check if a survey URL contains https:// before beginning.

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