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Are Survey Sites Legit?

Have you ever gotten an offer that seems just too good to be true? Well, it probably is.

There are a lot of scams out there, so it's critical to be cautious while perusing the Internet. Emails that notify you about unclaimed property in the Caribbean or announce that you won the Norwegian lottery simply can't be trusted.

On the other hand, while the promise of cash and rewards in exchange for filling out online surveys may sound too good to be true - it's a legit possibility at Opinion Outpost, a secure site that has been connecting over 350,000 peoples' opinions to key decision-makers for almost a decade.

Still skeptical? Last year alone, Opinion Outpost members redeemed over $5.7 million worth of rewards.

And since we know that electronic safety is a hot button issue lately, we posted a live mini-poll asking over 2,300 members if they trust big brands to use their credit or debit card numbers in the wake of recent high-profile data breaches. While 28 percent of them said they have stopped using these cards while shopping at major retailers, the vast majority - 73 percent - said their purchasing habits haven't changed.

So, are you ready to start getting paid for your opinions in a secure way? Then sign-up for Opinion Outpost with confidence today!

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