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7 tips for saving money on lawn care this spring

7 tips for saving money on lawn care this spring

Green grass and a well-kept yard are part of the American dream, but whether you preside over a quaint little garden in the city or a sprawling plot of land in the suburbs, landscaping costs and lawn maintenance can quickly get very expensive.

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1. Invest in a few trees
According to Bankrate, not only can planting a few trees or bushes give your lawn a bit of character, but it can also help bring down landscaping expenses. As it turns out, taking care of grass is much more labor-intensive than tending to a row of shrubs or a couple of tress. Likewise many of the types of grass that are usually used in backyards require frequent watering, whereas a larger native or drought-resistance plant may be more self-sufficient.

2. Compost
When it comes to cutting costs, store-bought mulch or top soil can be replaced by composting household waste. Food scraps and a bit of water will naturally decompose, and Money Crashers found that homeowners that utilize the power of composting can save significant money on landscaping supplies.

3. Chose native plants
Although some species of trees or grasses are exceptionally beautiful, if they aren't naturally found in your home state or region it can be difficult and expensive to keep them alive. Native plants have evolved to flourish with your yard's natural climate, soil conditions and access to water. This means you can feel confident that they will live through the winter or be OK if you decide to take a vacation.

A backyard garden is a great way to save money as well, but choosing high-maintenance, non-native species can end up costing you more in the long run.

4. Find the perfect fertilizer
The local hardware store may not be the best place to find a high-quality fertilizer, and Money Crashers found that inadequate lawn supplies can be an oft overlooked but critical issue for homeowners. Smaller shops or garden centers may offer better fertilizer options, and paying a little more for the good stuff can actually save you money in the long run. Cheaper varieties may not fully eliminate weeds or nourish your yard, meaning you'll be spending more time and cash on up-keep.  

5. Call in the neighbors
Better Homes and Gardens magazine stated that for larger investments, teaming up with other families in the neighborhood is a smart way of keeping expenses low. Some serious gardeners may rent equipment like wood-chippers, but pooling the overall cost will make things more manageable. For neighbors really looking to take things to the next level, sharing things like seeds, sprinklers or even compost efforts is also an easy and efficient way to bring down lawn care expenses. 

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