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5 ideas for celebrating the end of finals

Whether you're a student looking to relax after a few tense weeks of cramming or you're a proud parent looking to praise your hard-working children, celebrating the end of school finals is the perfect way to wind-down a school year and usher in summer.

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1. Head out on a road trip
Heading up to the lake or down to the shore for the weekend is a great way to reward yourself after a hard finals season. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that a whopping 91 percent of summer vacations are taken in a personal car

Load up on your favorite tunes, pack a few snacks and settle in for the long-haul. A road trip in and of itself can be a fun time, but make sure you save some energy for when you actually reach your destination.

2. Catch a ball game
Although students may be too busy to head to the ballpark during the springtime, summer is a perfect chance to take in a baseball game. Soak in some sun during an afternoon tilt or have yourself a night out with an evening game. Grab some buddies and snag a few bleacher seats.

With so many ballparks dishing out unbelievable food options nowadays, the money you save on seats can be used to enjoy an unforgettable meal. 

3. Throw a party
Even if you're not graduating, your hard work deserves a little celebrating. A party with friends or family is the perfect way to blow off some steam after a few weeks of intense studying. You may opt to have an afternoon barbecue with your classmates, or even team up and rent out a hall or other site to have a bigger event. 

For college students heading home for the summer, a post-finals party is also a great opportunity to see good friends one last time. Send a few texts to make sure all the right people are invited and reward yourselves for the hard work you put in.

4. Hit the beach
Celebrating the end of finals doesn't necessarily require an extended trip, and heading to a nearby lake or beach is a great way to enjoy the start to summer. Instead of an overnighter, just pack a day bag and hit the sand. 

Bring a few favorite lawn games and set up a little tournament between your friends. Otherwise, slap on some sunscreen and take a well-deserved nap in the sun.

5. Indulge with a night out
Even just heading to a favorite restaurant is a phenomenal way to relax after finals have ended. Call in a reservation, get a little dressed up and order a favorite meal. As Food and Wine pointed out, items like lobster, fresh fruit and other delectable ingredients are at their best during the summer, meaning it's a great time of year to indulge with a fancy dinner.

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