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3 ways to turn old clothes into cash

Fall is the perfect time to spruce up your wardrobe. After all, now that the warm months are fading away and days are becoming increasingly shorter, tank tops and flip flops won't do. While last year's autumnal wardrobe might provide you with a few staple garments, you're likely in the market for some new cold weather styles.

Despite science's best efforts, however, clothes still don't grow on trees - those jeans, sweaters and boots are going to cost you. If you're among the many penny pinchers with minimal - or nonexistent - clothing budgets, making seasonal wardrobe upgrades might seem unrealistic. After rent, groceries and bills, there's not much wiggle room for trendy new outfits.

In fact, there's a simple way to earn some extra cash for clothes - or whatever else you're saving up to buy: selling your old garments, shoes and accessories. The secondhand clothing market is hot right now, as trends like vintage style and sustainable fashion continue to grow in popularity.

Read on to discover three ways you can turn those items at the back of your closet into cold, hard cash.

1. Poshmark
Part online consignment store, part social media platform, Poshmark is an easy, interactive app that allows users to buy and sell gently used clothing, shoes and accessories. After you make an account and customize your user profile, you can start listing items right away. To create a post, you simply take pictures of the garment you're looking to sell, add information about size and style and write a short product description. Other users can then share, like, comment and submit offers on your listing. You create your own price, and the app takes 20 percent of profits from sales over $15.

Because Poshmark operates like a social media channel, the more active you are as a user, the more sales you're likely to make. The best way to get your listings out there is to join Poshmark's digital "parties," or forums devoted to certain brands, styles or products.

While Poshmark doesn't have guidelines on the caliber of brands users can sell, high-end items tend to receive more offers. Business Insider reported that Michael Kors and Tory Burch are among the app's most in-demand brands.

2. Twice
If you're interested in selling online but don't want to be constantly checking and updating your app, consider using Twice. According to Mashable, you get started by sending Twice your gently used clothing, and the website takes care of the rest. Twice will examine your garments, take pictures of them and create listings from the pieces they want to sell.

Business Insider noted that while Twice is a great option for people who prefer the "out of sight, out of mind" mode of selling, it tends to rake in fewer dollars per item than other sites. Still, it's an easy way to make some fast cash. Libby Kane of Business Insider, who made about $28 from using Twice, explained:

"Sure, selling clothing through the mail isn't going to make me rich. But it's so little effort that it doesn't matter. Compared to lugging stacks of clothing down the street to be potentially rejected at a thrift store or to miss the hours of operation at Goodwill, throwing a prepaid bag in the mail is a breeze."

3. Consignment shops
The internet isn't the only way to clean out your closet for a profit. Secondhand stores and consignment shops are always looking for fresh threads. In addition to local stores, national chains like Buffalo Exchange and Plato's Closet are great places to drop off your unwanted garments in exchange for money.

Before bringing your clothes to a store, make sure their size, style and brands would appeal to that shop's clientele. Additionally, do a thorough quality check before trying to consign. Because brick-and-mortar shops have to compete with apps and websites, they tend to be quite selective when curating collections.

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